Donor List

The 2019/20 Season To Share donor list:

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There are 162 names in this directory beginning with the letter W.
Waddell, Evelyn
Wade, Kathleen
Wade, Tom
Wagner, Nancy and Greg
Wahlberg, Stephen and Judye
Waldheim, Joan
Waligorski, Errol and Karen
Walker, Jane
Wallace, Donna
Wallace, Jeff
Walter, Alice
Walter, Sandy
Walters, Carol
Walton, Alison
Wanamaker, Suzanne
Ward, Barbara
Ward, Kevin and Joan
Ward, Mary
Ward, Phyllis
Wardell, Donna
Ware, Judith
Ware, Larry and Judith
Warkentin, Bill and Judi
Warnecke, Deloris
Warner, Deidre
Warner, Joan
Warnke, Patricia
Warren, Janet
Warrington, Fay
Warwick, Gloria
Wasserman, Marc
Watazychyn, Helen
Watlington, Edward
Watt, Laura
Way, Janet
Wayne, Nancy
Weaver, Beatrice
Weaver, Galen and Carolyn
Weaverling, Colleen and Paul
Webb, Mary
Webber, Keith
Webber, Louise
Weber, Carol
Weber, Michael
Webley, Elizabeth
Webster, Eleanor
Webster, Elizabeth
Weeks, Susan
Wegener, Louise
Wegs, Tom and Jewel
Wei, Susan and William
Weibler, Walt and Dorothy
Weigler, Steve and Wendy
Weigner, Kerry
Weimer, Robert and Ruth
Weinberger, Virginia
Weiner, Diana
Weiner, Judy
Weiner, Robert and Deborah
Weisenberg, Charles
Weishapl, Cid and Judy
Weiske, Sue
Weiss, Jonathan
Weiss, Mary
Weiss, Werner and Beverly
Weister, Russell
Weizman, Bonnie
Welch, William
Welding, Ruth and Robert
Wells, Paul and Kay
Wells, Schuyler and Allie
Welsch, Ann
Welsh, Kate
Wendland, Sheila
Wenk, William and Marlene
Wenngren, Earl and Bonnie
Werner, Robert and Mary
Whalen, Michael
Whalen, Michael and Rose
Whaley, Beth
Wheeler, Anne
Whipple, Carl and Norma
Whitaker, Donna
White, Coralou
White, Darrell and Linda
White, Ronald
Whitehead, Wilborn
Whitehouse, Chet and Jo Ann
Whitman, Walter
Whitmer, Grace
Whitney, Clare and Kenneth
Whitney, Lois-Ann
Wickersheim, Donita
Wielgot, Virginia
Wiersma, Sandra
Wilcox, Phillip
Wiley, Charles and Teresa
Wilkey, Phyllis
Will, Eric
Williams, Bernard and Cora Jean
Williams, Catherine
Williams, Clifford and Mary
Williams, Greg and Maureen
Williams, Kindell
Williams, Michael
Williamson, Jay and Julia
Willis, Donald and Donna
Wills, Bill
Wilson, Anne
Wilson, Carl
Wilson, Diana
Wilson, Edward and Shirley
Wilson, Hugh
Wilson, Leigh
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Roberta
Wilson, William and Sharon
Windes, Darrell and Diane
Winter, Anita
Winterrowd, Jerry and Ann
Wiseman, Doe
Wittich, Bruce and Susan
Witzel, David and Janice
Wodark, Harold
Woerfel, Carol
Wojdyla, Karen
Wolf, Marilyn
Wolf, Sharon
Wolf, Steve and Marcella
Wolfe, Connie and Gary
Wolfe, David
Wolff, James and Marcia
Wolff, Kenneth
Wolff, Ruth
Wolff, Sue
Wolfson, Philip
Wolken, Bob and Candace
Woltkamp, Mark and Diane
Wong, Whitlow
Wood, Robyn
Woodruff, Tommy and Diane
Woods, Curtis
Woods, James and Christine
Woodson, Carole
Woodward, Chuck
Woodworth, Frank
Wooldridge, Kim
World/Global-Gravity Games,
Worrell, Agnes
Worthing, Alex
Wren, Roy and Catherine
Wright, Allen
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Jane
Wright, Kathryn
Wright, Mary
Wrightson, Glenn
Wronski, Peter and Laurie
Wunsch, Rosann
Wyant, Richard and Patricia
Wyble, Lois
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