Donor List

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There are currently 2021 names in this directory
Abblett, Ginny
Abell, Joe and Bonnie
Accurso, Tanya and Frank
Ackley, Megan
Acosta, DeAnn and Michael
Adkisson, Larry and Catherine
Adler, Jean and Bruce
Aguilar, Elizabeth
Ahern, Geraldine
Akeroyd, Richard and Joanne
Albers, Kathleen
Albin, James
Albright, Kennon
Aldridge, David and Nancy
Alesch, Nancy
Alevras, Barbara
Alexander, Clark and Carol
Alexander, Debra
Alexander, Richard and Betty
Alishio, Gary
Allen, Robert and Mary
Alley, Marjorie
Allinder, Richard and Michelle
Alliprandine, Judith
Alme, John and Jean
Almquist, Janessa and Bill
Amoroso, Helen
Anchustegui, Jim and DeAnn
Anders, Neil and Adelle
Anderson, Cheri
Anderson, Elena
Anderson, Greg
Anderson, Larry
Anderson, Luan
Anderson, Mildred
Anderson, Myrta
Anderson, Pat and Steve
Anderson, Rich
Anderson, Vicki
Andrews, James and Nancy
Andrews, Mary
Angelini, Norm and Sue
Anselment, Anne
Anthony, Jim and Barbara
Antle, Robert
Arai, Garric
Araujo, Manny and Avis
Archuleta, James
Argilla, Sylvia
Arko, Kristina
Armstrong, Elwood
Arnold, Barbara
Arnold, Charles
Arnold, Kim and Craig
Arnold, Ruth Ann
Arntz, John
Arvin, David and Brigitta
Asher, Connie and Don
Ashley, Jean
Asimos, Karen
Athey, Patricia
Aukerman, Robert and Cecelia
Austin, Albert
Austin, Mabel
Axelson, William
Ayervais, Neil and Janet
Bailey, Cherlyn and Steve
Bainbridge, Paula
Bair, Robert and Connie
Baker, Carol
Baker, Sue
Baldwin, Robert
Bales, Jennifer
Ball, Cyril and Laurie
Ball, William and Joan
Balstad, Paul
Balstad, Sonja
Baltz, Helen
Bamford, Vicki
Banks, Jack and Shirley
Barlass, David
Barnes, Linda
Barrett, Claudia
Barrow, Barbara
Barru, Phil and Jennifer
Barstow, Barbara
Bashor, Sherry
Bassett, Art
Bassett, Ruth
Bassett, Tom
Bater, Jennifer
Battan, Lisa
Battilega, Nancy
Baty, Henry and Cathy
Bauer-Hansen, Doris
Bauer, Bruce
Bauer, Carolyn
Bauer, Ken and Linda
Baughman, Cheryl
Baughn, Nancy
Baum, Karen
Bauman, Elizabeth
Bay, David and Esther
Becker, Jane
Becker, Janet
Becker, Jim and Debbie
Beebe, Shirley
Beegles, Roxi
Belanger, Laura
Belina, Barbara and David
Belo, Michael and Ann
Bender, Fredric
Benedict Family Foundation,
Benedict, Mitchell
Benes, Richard
Benjamin, Anne
Bennett, Becky
Bennett, Bryan and Sandy
Bennett, Frank and Carla
Bennett, Julie
Bentz, Evelyn
Berberick, Diane
Berg, Roger and Joyce
Berger, Leona
Berkowitz, Steve and Sandy
Berliner, Martin and Gail
Berninzoni, Laurel
Bernstein, Bruce
Berry, Rebecca
Bessessen, Barbara
Best, Anne and Ray
Bicknell, Bix and Sue
Bicknell, Gary and Debra
Bieber, Barb and Bill
Bilanich, Bud and Cathy
Binder, John and Colleen
Birky, Curtis
Bjorklund, Shirley
Blair, Jewldine
Blair, Ron and Eve
Blauth, Eugene and Patricia
Blewitt, Dennis and Arlene
Bliss, Gary and Patty
Blomgren, Raymond
Blomstrom, Gary and Lois
Blosser, Larry and Patty
Blubaugh, Gary and Joyce
Blubaugh, Richard and Rebecca
Blumer, Burdette
Bodhane, John and Mary
Boeckx, James and Debra
Boehm, Estella
Boettcher, Chandler
Bogg, Barbara
Bohan, Robert and Ann
Bolus, Sherri
Bolyard, Dudley and Marion
Bonds, Bette
Bonney, Robert
Boone, Linda
Borden, Marie
Borland, Jack
Born, David
Borries, Diana
Bortz, Paul and Judith
Borwick, Rod and Carolyn
Boschert, James
Bowers, Jim
Boyd, Brewster and Helen
Boydstun, Richard and Betty
Boyer, Pam
Boyle, Elizabeth
Boyle, Lynn
Braden, Cindy
Bradley, Pamela
Bramhall, Fred and Mary
Brammell, Carole and H.L.
Brammell, Carole and Hl
Brancard, Manfred and Ruth
Branch, Bill and Nancy
Brandes, Susan
Brandt, Barbara
Brass, Lorna
Brauer, Beverly
Braverman, Karen
Breen, Jay
Breffle, James and Barbara
Bremer, Celeste and Celeste
Broadhurst, Mary
Brobst, Allene
Brockway, Ronald and Mary
Brohl, Lynne
Bronesky, Joseph and Jacquelin
Bronsten, Andria and Michael
Brookens, Bruce and Priscilla
Brooks, Linda and Ernie
Brooks, Lois
Brougham, Elise
Brown-Bengtson, Peggy
Brown, Betty
Brown, Jo Anne
Brown, John
Brown, Lorethia
Brown, Michael and Joann
Brown, Richard and Joyce
Brown, Ruth and Greggory
Brown, Steve and Angela
Brozka, Bob and Rita
Brubaker, Linda
Brunell, David and Susan
Bruner, Cindy and Jack
Brungardt, Cheryl and Dennis
Brunk, Kenneth and Sue
Bryan, Marshall and Ann
Bryant, Lisa
Bryngelson, John and Carlyn
Buchholz, Karl
Buckley, Grace
Budge, Craig
Budnack, John
Bugay, John and Beverly
Bugbee, Peter
Buhner, Medley
Bullot, Lindsay
Burbank, Rosemary
Burke, Marvin
Burnham, Jane
Burns, Diane
Burritt, Ed and Perri
Burson, George and Kathie
Busch, Hays and Jacquelyn
Buschhoff, Fred and Lynn
Butts, Marvin
Butz, Mary
Bybee, David and Susan
Byerlein, John
Cable, Dick and Barbara
Cable, Dick and Dick
Caldwell, Rusty
Calkins, Mildred
Call, Larry and Ethyll
Campbell, Brian and Marilynn
Campbell, James and James
Campbell, James and Janice
Campbell, William and Geraldine
Canfield, David
Canges, Stephen
Capen, David
Carlson, Linda
Carmine, Dana
Carnes, Barbara
Caron, Chris
Carpenter, Jack and Darlene
Carpenter, Josephine
Carr, Barbara
Carr, Clayton and Susanne
Carroll, Diane
Carry, Michael and Terri
Carter, Elizabeth
Case, Nancy
Casebolt, James
Castle, Richard and Peggy
Cella, Martin and Lisa
Chabon, Deborah and John
Chamberlain, Richard and Janet
Charles A. Micale Foundation,
Charles, Betty
Chase, James and Roberta
Chernosky, Jean
Chittick, Christine and Stephen
Christensen, Dennis
Christensen, Linwood
Christerson, Charles
Churchley, Theresa
Clapp, Martinelle
Clark, Marjorie
Clark, Noel and Noel
Clark, Pauline and Noel
Clark, Tom
Claspell, Margaret and Peg
Claspell, Tom and Margaret
Clausen, Thomas
Clauss, Greg and Debbie
Clow, Ethel
Coak-Mouton, Denise
Coak, Essie
Cochran, Mary Ellen
Cohen, Robert
Cohen, Steven and Joan
Collett, N.
Collins, Vicki
Congdon, Thomas and Noel
Conklin, Fred and Peggy
Conley, Unni
Connelly, Chris
Connole, Ellen and Ellen
Conover, Alan and Karen
Contos, Kathleen
Cooke, Gertrude
Coons, Teresa
Cooper, Ken and Marcia
Cooperman, Bob and Beth
Copeland, Peter and Nancy
Coppock, Carol
Corbetta, Richard and Margaret
Cordova, Onesimo and Irene
Cordova, Patricia
Corkill, David
Corsello, Frances
Coryell, John and Sheri
Costantino, Sharon and Marshall
Couturier, Stephen
Covode, Jane
Cowan, Beverly
Cowdin, Jane
Cowen, Richard and Gloria
Cowhick, Tim and Angie
Cox, Bette and Jerald
Cox, Judy
Cox, Lisa
Cox, Susan
Crabbe, David
Crago, Robert
Cramer, Carol
Cran, Ruth
Crandell, Rick and Janelle
Cresanta, Nick and Ava
Crisci, John
Crispe, Phyllis
Crowley, John and Ruth
Culver, Anne
Cumming, Arlene and Hugh
Cumming, Hugh and Hugh
Cummings, Dan
Cunningham, Susan
Curlee, Mary and Charlie
Curran, Corinne
Curran, Sandra
Current, Stan
Currey, Bud and Leslie
Curtis, Allan
Curtiss, John
Cushing, Mary and Doug
Cushing, Richard
Cygan, Norbert and Royann
Czarnecki, Bob
Dahl, Thomas
Dailey, Stephen
Daily, Laura
Dale, Gillian
Daly, Eugene
Dandy, David
Daniels, Lewis
Darby, Gary and Loisann
Darling, Nicolett
Dattilo, Peter and Tobi
Davidson, Connie
Davis, Andrea
Davis, E. M.
Davis, Robert
Day, Michael and Glenna
Dayhuff, Gloria
De Bane, Lougene and Dennis
de la motte, Carl and Sandy
De May, Jan
Deal, Ronald
Dean, Kathy
Dean, Kathy and Kathy
Dean, Roy and Alice
Deasy, Claudia
Debner, David
Debrunner, Peter and Sigrid
DeCicco, Edward and Ann
Dedio, John and Irmgard
Deegan, Louis
DelaMotte, Carl and Sandy
Delany, Margaret and Margaret
Delk, Richard and Michele
DeMoss, Lucinda and Philip
Dempsey, Patrick
Dennison, Kristine
Desantis, Tom
Dewhurst, Norman and Lois
DeWitt, Clarice
Di Rito, Thomas and Diana
Dicarlo, Marta and Robert
Dice, Christine
Dickerman, Elizabeth
Dickey, Wallace and Carol
Dickson, William
Dietrich, Carolyn
Dineen, Connie
Dishong, Dion
Dobbs, Jack and Cheryl
Doctorian, Sonya
Dominguez, Larry
Donegan, Robert
Doner, Mary
Donnelly, Dwight and Karen
Donovan, Elizabeth
Dossett, David and Michele
Dotson, William
Doud, Roxie
Dougherty, Mark and Carla
Douglas, Elaine
Douglass, Larry
Downie, Wendy and Peter
Drake, Thomas and Vicki
Dreblow, Ted and Bonnie
Dreger, Jon and Mary
Dreier, Wilhelmina
Dreksler, Herman
Driggers, Preston and Linda
Duer, Kay
Duffner, Barbara
Duhadway, Donna
Duncan, Chris and Paul
Dunn, Betty Kay
Dunn, Ernest and Elaine
Durbin, Charles and Charles
Durbin, Madeline and Charles
Duvall, Robert
Dwyer, Daniel
Eaton, Dale
Eaton, Gareth and Sandra
Edward, Marianne
Edwards, Katherine
Eggleston, Richard
Eichman, Bill and Linda
Eldredge, John
Eley, Judy and Gordon
Eliason, Nicolas
Eller, Eileen
Ellerhorst, Daniel and Lucinda
Elliott, Cornelia
Ellis, Rebecca
Ellis, Ronald
Ellis, Vernon and Dorothy
Elsen, Charles
Emrich, Gary and Kathleen
Emswiller, Nancy
England, Marshall
Engle, Jane
Engleman, Sherry
Engler, Herb and Yvonne
Englert, Barbara
Enos, Barbara
Epstein, Ruth
Erb, Laurie and Dorian
Erickson, Lydia and Harvey
Ermi, Michael and Cynthia
Ernenwein, Richard
Erskine, Christopher
Eskildson, Marilyn
Eskoz, Patricia
Esmaili, Albert
Esquibel, Emilio
Esser, Jean and Don
Esswein, Eric
Evans, Marlys
Evans, Morris and Sandra
Evans, Roy
Evans, Ulla-Britt
Everhart, Polly
Everhart, Richard and Marlene
Ewing, Bayard
Falagrady, Barney
Falagrady, Barney and Jeanne
Falco, Peter and Joyce
Fales, Clifford and Georgiana
Fallows, Thomas
Fanning, Catherine
Fantini, Rick
Farmer, Marilyn
Farris, Hedwig
Fatjo, Marilyn and Jack
Faulkner, Ronald and Joan
Feakes, Glen and Joncee
Fechtner, Robert and Sharon
Fecko, Donald and Marianne
Feely, Rich
Fein, Nancy
Feller, Karl and Marlis
Fendrich, Anne
Ferri, Mary Beth
Ferris, Lawrence and Sharon
Fessler, Leo and Virginia
Fischer, Ronald
Fisher, David and Laura
Fitch, Ralph and Lucy
Fitzgerald, Kevan
Fitzgerald, Patricia
Fitzpatrick, Jody
Flaherty, Janet and Dennis
Flahive, Douglas and Barbara
Flansburg, Gary and Mary
Fleming, Lois
Flowers, James and Diana
Flynn, Kathy
Follett, Robert and Nancy
Ford, Roberta
Forster, Robert and Janet
Foster, Cliff
Fox, Kenneth
Frederick, Marie
Frederickson, Elmer and Janice
Freed, John and Debora
Freeman, Arden and Pamela
Freeman, Dirk and Louise
Freese, Sigrid
Fridh, Jan
Frie, Robert and Candy
Friedmann, Karen
Fry, Charles
Fry, Ken
Fuchser, Fay
Fulenwider, Cal
Fullen, Jeannene and George
Fuller, Beverly
Fuller, Kathy and Kathy
Funk, Barbara
Furman, Sheila
Furman, Sheila and Joe
Furtak, Kay and Tom
Gachne, Deborah
Gaeckle, Carol
Gaines, Page
Gale, Lorraine
Gallegos, Gary
Gallivan, Lyle and Mary
Gallup, Lydia
Gamueda, Ernest
Gandera, Bill and Wynn
Garcia, Margaret
Gardner, Bruce and Mary
Garment, Jeane and John
Garrett, Bettye
Garrett, Brian and Meg
Garrett, Jim and Donna
Garrison, Lester
Garrod, Kelly and Maria
Garvin, Philip
Gasparovich, Julianne
Gates, Caleb and Sidney
Gates, Mitchell and Victoria
Gearhart, Greg and Sue
Gelbhaus, Roy and Nancy
Germann, Gertrud and Vitus
Gerring, David
Gettys-Bryant, Donna
Geyer, Joyce and Albert
Gibbs, Carol
Gibbs, Paul and Colleen
Gibson, George
Gilbert, Lloyd
Gilbert, Mike and Cathy
Giles, Lynn and Beth
Gille, Rachel
Gillice, Robert and Maxyne
Gillmor, Barbara
Giordano, Thomas and Pam
Gipple, Joanne
Giulieri, Dale
Glasgow, Eugene and Kathleen
Glick, David
Goberis, Michael and Barbara
Godfrey, Karon and Lanny
Goings, Bill and Denise
Goins, Gary
Golden, Kathy
Gomez, Rachel
Goodenbour, Loretta
Gooding, Nancy
Goodwin, Mona
Gordon, Cindy
Gordon, Peggy
Gore, Robert and Margery
Gorman, Mary Rose
Gottlieb, Elizabeth
Gould, Sue
Gozzola, James and Patricia
Gradoville, Gary and Jean
Graff, Catherine and Catherine
Graham, Robert and Penny
Graham, Shirley
Grant, Athol and Ann
Grattet, Jean
Gray, Diane
Green, Greg and Arlene
Green, Sondra
Greenagel, David
Greenleaf, Barbara
Greenspon, Michael and Nancy
Gregory, Nancy and Russ
Greisen, Carol
Greivel, Stephen and Margaret
Gretz, Darrell and Lavonne
Greve, Karl
Grewe, Jerry and Sallie
Grey, Linda and Terry
Griek, Martin and Mary
Griffith, Chris
Griffith, Ruth
Griffiths, Mark
Grigsby, Bill and Barbara
Grove, Scott and Kimberly
Grover, Arthur
Groves, John
Grow, Elnore and Elnore
Grow, Ronald and Elnore
Grudis, John and Carol
Gueck, Howard and Jean
Guminski, Liane
Gunderson, Peter
Gunther, Ida
Gustafson, Madie
Gustek, Edward and Elizabeth
Gutenplan, Lauren
Gutjahr, Harold and Ilene
Guttormsson, Lisa
Gwynn, Robert
Haack, Paul and Emily
Haacke, Jon and Mary
Habeger, Ann
Hack, Carol
Haggerty, Louise
Hahn, Jill
Haist, Lynne
Haldi, Nancy and Nancy
Halgren, Lee and Johanna
Hall, Bronwynn
Hall, Diane
Hall, Michael and Jane
Hall, Nancy
Hall, Susan
Hall, Wayne
Hamel, Justin
Hamilton, Bryce
Hammermann, Christina
Hammond, Dean and Wilma
Hammond, Karen
Hammons, Darryl
Hampstead, Roberta and Laura
Hancock, Jack and Millie
Hancock, Julia
Hanna, Earl and Rhonda
Hansen, Christie
Hansen, Marilyn and Norm
Hansen, Mary
Hansen, Pamela
Hansen, Theodora
Harding, Yvonne
Harenberg, Paul
Harris, Curt and Barb
Harris, Kathy
Harris, Mike
Harrison, Benjamin
Harrison, Martin and Sharon
Hartman, Margaret
Hartman, Mary
Hartmann, James and Martha
Hartong, Edith
Hartough, Florence
Hartsen, Kim
Harvey, Janet
Hasfjord, Kathi
Hastert, James and Mary
Hasty, James
Hauer, Skip
Haverkamp, Albert and Carol
Havey, Eileen
Hay, Jeffrey and Mary Ann
Hayes, Carolee and John
Hayes, Claire and James
Hayes, James and James
Hayman, Mark and Shannan
Hays, Margaret
Hazlet, Carol and Pete
Headlee, Anne and Anne
Healy, Richard
Hearlihy, Timothy and Laura
Heffernan, Joseph and Janet
Heggem, Dan and Dan
Heiberg, Elvin and Beth
Heidt, David and Marjean
Heinrich, Albert
Heldt, Lucille
Helmkamp, Stan and Lila
Heman, William
Hempton, Marilyn
Henderson, John and Sue
Henderson, Paul and Jo Lynne
Henderson, William and Judith
Hennigh, Jack
Henry, Mike and Linda
Hensen, Ronald
Herbert, James
Herhold, Mark
Herndon, Cynthia
Hershfeldt, Joe and Jeanette
Hertel, Arthur
Hess, Mary
Heyman, Ernie
Hibbs, Paul and Paula
Hicks, Sean and Sandy
Higginbotham, Bob and Margaret
Higgins, Charlene
Higgins, Peg
Hildebrandt, Janet
Hildreth, Martha
Hillman, Martha
Hillman, Roberta
Hinckley, William and Susan
Hipsher, Valorie and Keith
Hirokawa, William
Hite, Robert and Joanne
Hite, Sarah
Hodgson, Brian
Hodgson, Debra
Hoffman, Harriett
Hofmeir, Darla
Hohenstein, Gerald
Holliway, Ruth
Holmes, Judy
Homyak, Michael
Hope, Thomas and Susan
Hopkins, Maryjane
Hora, Susan and Ronald
Horner, Deborah
Horsley, Lynn
Hoskins, John and Mary
Hosley, Howard and Jo
Howard, Mark
Howard, Shaw
Howard, Suzanne
Howe, Larry and Jane
Howland, Kristin
Huber, Howard and Suzanne
Hudgens, Marcia
Hudson, Dorsey
Huffman, Ed and Judy
Huffman, Robert and Eleanor
Hufnagel, Lynne
Hughes, Lisa
Hughes, Richard
Humphrey, Craig and Cindy
Humphryes, Janet and Alan
Hunt, Robert and Kathleen
Hunt, Yvette
Hunter, Robert
Huntington, Dee
Hurd, Jeff and Cheryl
Hurley, Karen
Hutchison, Dave and Dave
Hutchison, Dave and Judith
Hutsler, Guy
Hyer, Dale and Sandra
Hyer, Sandra and Sandra
Hynes, Marcia and James
Ida, D.J.
Igals, Dagmara
Ihrig, Joanne
Imming, Susan
In Honor Of Adams, Terry
In Honor Of Bauer, Judith
In Honor Of Beaton, Ann
In Honor Of Boryla, Julie
In Honor Of Bry, Charlene
In Honor Of Carlson, Mark
In Honor Of Chandler, Elaine
In Honor Of Cowan Eaton, John
In Honor Of Crispin, Rosalie
In Honor Of Doss, Marilyn
In Honor Of Engman, Nancy and Rick
In Honor Of Fox, Glynn
In Honor Of Gail, Sharon
In Honor Of Horsley, Howard
In Honor Of Hunt, Harper
In Honor Of Johnson, Mack
In Honor Of Kropf, Robert
In Honor Of Lane, Penny
In Honor Of Lunnon, Marsha
In Honor Of Petersen, Lois
In Honor Of Schukar, Ron
In Honor Of Shore, Dolores
In Honor Of Smith, Chris and Amy
In Honor Of Weiske, Jennifer
In Honor Of, Cowan Eaton John
In Honor Of, Hunt Harper
In Honor Of, Johnson Mack
In Honor Of, Weiske Jennifer
In Memory O, Breit Vernon
In Memory Of Anderson, Raymond
In Memory Of Arnold, Donald
In Memory Of Baty, Henry
In Memory Of Bolus, Gerald
In Memory Of Breit, Vernon
In Memory Of Castro, Leonor
In Memory Of Cella, Paul and Mary
In Memory Of Clapp, Russell
In Memory Of Cox, Suzanne
In Memory Of Dailey, Dorothy Jean
In Memory Of Dailey, Edward
In Memory Of Dreblow, Charity
In Memory Of Evans, Patrick
In Memory Of Evans, Sandra
In Memory Of Ford, Glenn
In Memory Of Frank, Walter
In Memory Of Galvin, Jack
In Memory Of Goins, Richard and Eupha
In Memory Of Guminski, Paul
In Memory Of Hack, Fern
In Memory Of Hardie, Mary Ethel
In Memory Of Hauch, George P. and Beatrice E.
In Memory Of Heiniger, LaVerne
In Memory Of Hochenedel, Jeff
In Memory Of Jindrich, Audrey & Richard
In Memory Of Jones, Glenn and Betty
In Memory Of Jones, Jan
In Memory Of Joy, Patricia
In Memory Of La Rocca, Daniel and Anne
In Memory Of Malisani, Walter
In Memory Of Marse, Merl and Enid
In Memory Of Mathew, and Forest
In Memory Of Mathew, Forest
In Memory Of McLaughlin, Garry
In Memory Of McWhorter, Ken
In Memory Of Mitchell, Dylan
In Memory Of Moore, Otis
In Memory Of Nakatani, Steven
In Memory Of Neale, Betty
In Memory Of Nelson, Christopher
In Memory Of Nichalson, Stephen
In Memory Of Obert, Laura Anne
In Memory Of Ott, Julie
In Memory Of Pauls, Margaret
In Memory Of Pearson, Dorothy
In Memory Of Phillips, Howard
In Memory Of Phillips, Robert
In Memory Of Polak, Frank and Lena
In Memory Of Polzin, John Michael Allen
In Memory Of Riemer, Ron
In Memory Of Robinson, Carol
In Memory Of Robinson, Eugene W. Harriet P.
In Memory Of Robinson, Steven
In Memory Of Sass, Louis and Virginia
In Memory Of Shepard, Kelly
In Memory Of Siemro, Fred and Erna
In Memory Of Smith, Jerry
In Memory Of Tallerico, Kathryn
In Memory Of Tarvestad, Loren
In Memory Of Thompson, Stuart
In Memory Of Treichler, Katherine
In Memory Of Utz, Garry and Chris
In Memory Of Webley, Mary Catherine
In Memory Of Whitfield, Steven
In Memory Of Wilensky, Ben
In Memory Of Wilson, Margaret
In Memory Of Woodford, Tom
In Memory Of, Baty Henry
In Memory Of, Frank Walter
In Memory Of, Guminski Paul
In Memory Of, Hack Fern
In Memory Of, Hochenedel Jeff
In Memory Of, Jindrich Audrey & Richard
In Memory Of, Jones Glenn and Betty
In Memory Of, Malisani Walter
In Memory Of, Marse Merl and Enid
In Memory Of, Mathew Matthew and Forest
In Memory Of, McWhorter Ken
In Memory Of, Mitchell Dylan
In Memory Of, Nakatani Steven
In Memory Of, Polak Frank and Lena
In Memory Of, Utz Garry and Chris
In Memory Of, Webley Mary Catherine
In Memory Of, Woodford Tom
Indergand, Robert and Karen
Iovin, Jim and Diane
Ireland, Harold
Iten, Cheryl
Jackson, Jane
Jacobs, Nancy
Jacobson, Jim and Karen
Jacoby, Robert
Jaggers, Sylvia
Jakubcin, Robert
Jakubowski, Lorraine
James, Clay and Trish
Jamieson, Bruce and Sue
Janczy, Marilyn and John
Janssen, Frederick and Joann
Jarboe, JoLynn
Jasica, Jeffrey
Javernick, Jules and Keith
Javernick, Karen
Jefferson, Michael and Joy
Jeffrey, Michelle
Jennings, Irene
Jensen, Diane
Jesperson, Daryl and Nancy
Jindrich, Nancy
Johansson, Steven
Johnson, Brooke
Johnson, Carol
Johnson, Carol and Harold
Johnson, Janet and Wallace
Johnson, Karen
Johnson, Kay
Johnson, Lee and Kathy
Johnson, Linda
Johnson, Marilou
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Wallace and Wallace
Johnson, Will and Marcia
Johnston, Dick and Mary Anne
Jolas, Philip and Lucy
Jonasson, Jean and David
Jones-Malisani, Pamela
Jones, David and Meridith
Jones, Dorothy
Jones, Florence
Jones, Paul and Karen
Jones, Ronald and Jeanie
Jones, Stanley
Joseph, Judith
Joshi, Karen and Vineet
Joy, Pat
Junge, Ethel
Kacerguis, Patricia
Kaeble, Esther and Matthew
Kalavity, Alberta
Kalisker, Marie
Kalwei, Carolyn
Kane, Kathryn
Kaneer, Bill and Linda
Kannawin, Mary
Kaplan, Marilynn
Karas, Scott
Kartman, Thomas
Kasper, Ilene and Charlotte
Kasten, Keith
Kastler, Mark and Pamela
Kathman, David
Katz, Robert
Kaufman, Louis
Kaufman, Thomas and Rosemarie
Kaufmann, Harriet
Kean, Thomas and Mary
Keasling, Dennis and Kathy
Keck, Buckley and Margaret
Keene, Marlene and Debi
Keeth, Neva
Keister, William
Kellenbenz, Lois
Keller, Robert and Maureen
Kelly, Michael and Mary Ellen
Kelly, Robert and Janice
Kelminson, Jean and Leslie
Kemper, Karen and Dennis
Kendrick, Cynthia
Kenfield, Kay
Kennedy, Jane
Kent, William
Kenyon, Robert and Nancy
Kercheval, Chandra and Michael
Kershaw, Kevin and Patricia
Kerstein, Stanley and Susan
Kessler, Carole
Kikel, Hollie
Killenberg, Joan
Kilzer, Karen
Kincaid, Larry and Tanya
Kinder, Wayne
Kinkel, Jananne and Robert
Kinney, Leo and Mary Jo
Kinney, Robert
Kinsey, Diana
Kirkham, Diane
Kirkpatrick, Joyce
Kirsch, Kenneth
Kirstein, Dale
Kiyota, Dale and Diane
Klein, Barbara
Kludt, Paul and Judy
Klus, John and Shelly
Knauke, Fred and Charlotte
Knight, Ed and Sarah
Knoshaug, Ronald and Judith
Knott, Sue
Knox-Johnson, Hansa
Kobayashi, Richard and Jeanne
Kochevar, Brenda
Koechlein, William
Koeppe, Dick and Lu
Kohlenstein, Frank and Deb
Kohler, Carol
Kohler, Judith
Kolaczkowski, Alan and Marianne
Koniz, Stan and Kathy
Kontny, James and Carole
Kopatich, Kenneth and Jo Ellen
Koren, Michael
Korosec, Julie
Kowalchik, Walter and Carolyn
Krajewski, Kevin
Kramer, Dann
Kramer, Elaine
Kramer, John and Sharon
Kreider, Elizabeth
Kricke, Robert
Kriese, Gertrude
Krizek, Janine
Kroeker, Bruce
Krogman, Jim and Norah
Kroll, Joyce
Kropf, Linda
Krumholz, Priscilla
Kruse, Karen
Kucera, JoAnn
Kudla, Susan
Kuettel, Trudi and Bernard
Kuhlmann, Darwin and Barbara
Kuhlmann, Ethan
Kuhn, David
Kuhn, Ronne
Kulesa, Terry
Kull, Lloyd and Cynthia
Kunkel, James and Jeanne
Kunz, Terri and Leonard
Kuta, Shirley
Kutz, Claudia
Kysar Bickham, Jo Ann
LaBarge, Kathleen and Robert
Lacey, Robert
Lackner, Doris
Lafley, Robert
LaFond, Richard and Ann
Lalan, Judy and Gregory
Laman, Joyce
Lamb, Robert
Lamiell, Cheryl
Lanctot, Tom and Margaret
Lane, Carole and Carole
Lane, Geoffrey and Carole
Lane, Vincent and Maribarbara
Lang, Jacqueline
Langer, Donald
Lanthorn, Peter and Teresa
Lantz, Ron and Margie
Lanyon, Greg
LaRocca, Lynda
LaRocco, Paul and Marilee
Larremore, Ted
Larsen-McKaig, Susan
Lasher, Robert and Gay
Lasky, Joseph and Beatrice
Lassen, Carol
Laubacher, Florence
Lauman, Richard and Barbara
Law, Eileen and Ed
Lawton, Gwen
Layne, Jerry and Betty
Lazzeri, Bill and Nola
Leach, Alvin
Leaf, Karl and Monika
Leaman, Richard
Leaver, Helen
Leberer, Rosemary
Lee, Carol
Lee, Diane
Lee, Richard and Richard
Lee, Richard Caldwell and Richard
Leedy, Marilyn
Leeper, Sara
Lehigh, Anne and John
Lehti, Helen
Lehti, Manuela
Leib, Jeff
Leibold, Stephen
Leigh, Bruce and Jean
Lemon, Phyllis and Dallas
Lenoue, Dale and Emily
Lente, Kitt
Leritz, John
Leslie, John and Sharon
LeTerneau, John and Elizabeth
Leto, Joseph and Deborah
Leto, Joseph and Deborah and Deborah
Leung, Wendy
Levin, Ruth
Levinson, Carol
Levy, Beatrice
Levy, Jill
Levy, Jim
Levy, Norman and Sandy
Lewin, Edward
Lewis, Patricia
Lewkowitz, Eudice
Licko, David and Elaine
Lilley, Katherine
Lilley, Wes and Pat
Lillie, David
Limberis, Paul
Linden, Karen
Lindner, Vicki
Lindsey, David and Barbara
Lipper, Elizabeth
List, Sarita
Liston, Dorothy
Litsey, Sandra
Litvak, Joni and Larry
Litvak, Sylvia
Livingston, Wally and Virginia
Lloyd, Vanessa
Loback, Jean
Lockhart, Ann
Loechel, Patricia
Loendorf, Greg and Emily
Logan, Tom and Judy
Lohr, Barbara and David
Longfellow, Gail
Lookner, Cecilia
Lopez, Helen
Lord, Kathleen
Loveberry, Kathy
Lovelace, Donald and Jeaneel
Luallen, Dean
Lucas, Phyllis
Lucero, Cipriano
Luciano, Mary Lou and Stephen
Luckow, Warren
Luebke, Tom and Delphina
Lutrell, Jerry
Luttrell, Kathleen
Lutz, Judy
Lynch, Judith
Lynch, Kathryn
Lynott, Terry
Maccoll, Ann and Craig
Macferran, Jean
Machmer, Penny
Mack, Marjorie
MacLeod, Lauren
Macomber, Judy
Macumber, Stella
Madden, Rick and Margaret
Madison, Sharon
Magee, Mercedes
Maginn, Shannon
Magnuson, Lynn and Peter
Maher, Philip and Carlene
Mahler, Sharon
Maikovich, Marsha and Bill
Majtan, Denise
Malesker, Pam
Mally, Sharon
Malm, Joan
Malsam, Lawrence and Katherine
Maniatis, Billie
Marafiote, Richard and Beth
Marcinkowski, Lester and Linda
Marin, Susan and Dick
Markel, William
Markey, Jackie
Markle, Joan
Marmann, Eileen
Maronick, James
Marshall, Bob and Kathy
Marshall, Don and Teresa
Martin, Amy
Martin, Carl and Elaine
Martin, Janice
Martin, Jean
Martin, Pat and Kent
Martin, Patricia
Martin, Richard
Martin, Scott
Martin, Vicki
Martinez, Leonard and Jan
Marx, Patrick
Marzano, Jayne
Masilotti, Hugo
Maskus, Keith
Mason, Gerald and Bonnie
Massey, Roger
Mastro, John
Mather, Karen
Matheson, Jenelle and Delbert
Matthews, Geraldine
Matthews, Mark and Ellyn
Mauro, Paul and Pat
Mawhinney, Bruce and Linda
Maza, William
McBryde, Karrie and Connor
McCall, James and Rita
McCarron, James and Mary
McClellan, Mary Jane
McClurg, Michael and Rosa
McCombie, Bill and Peg
McConnell, Carla
McConnell, Lucy
McCoola, Brian
McCord, Richard and Adele
McDermott, Gerald
McDermott, Michael and Elizabeth
McDonald, Dennis and Lory
McDonnell, Jeannette
McGann, Barbara
Mcgraw, Jack
McHenry, Patricia
McHugh, Scott
McIntyre, Mr. and Mrs. James McIntyre
McKenna, Elizabeth
McKeon, Judith
McKibbin, Donna
McLaughlin, Larry and Jeanne
McLaughlin, Lucille
McManus, Peggy
McMeekin, Steve and Sue
McNair, Virginia
McNamara, Margie
McPhillips, Susan
McRae, William and Dolores
McVie, Nancy
McWhorter, Karalee
Mead, Jay and Carol
Mehringer, Laura
Mehringer, Marilyn
Menardi, Bob and Betty
Mendes, Roy
Menin, Mary
Merrick, Milton and Jane
Meskimen, Lisa
Messer, Donald and Bonnie
Messner, John and Kathleen
Mestrezat, William and Elaine
Meyer, Edward
Meyer, Jonna
Meyer, Mark and Karen
Meyerson, Dianne
Michael, Alison
Michaels, Tom and Melanie
Michels, Marcia
Middaugh, Jo Ann
Mihalyi, William
Miles, Helen
Miller, Bette
Miller, Carol
Miller, Christina
Miller, Douglas and Mauren
Miller, Jay and Lois
Miller, Karen
Miller, Kenneth
Miller, Martha and William
Miller, Maurice and Sue
Miller, Mr. and Mrs.
Miller, Paul and Marjorie
Miller, Robert
Miller, Shirley
Miller, Vesta
Milligan, Nancy and Michael
Mills, Denise
Mitchell, Catherine and Robert
Mitchell, Karen and William
Mitchell, Maurice and Judith
Mitchell, Patrick and Marsha
Mitchell, Steve and Jisele
Moehring, Roswitha
Moeller, Gloria
Moes, Catherine
Moline, Wendy
Mollerstuen, Stanley
Monsen, Doug and Jill
Montera, Barbara
Mooney, John
Moore, Andrew
Moore, Bill and Lorna
Moore, Jill and Tyler
Moore, Sherry
Moore, William and Shujin
Morgan, Elliott
Morgan, James
Morimoto, Kerry
Morris-Carr, Marlene
Morris, David and Debra
Mortensen, Michael
Morton, Margaret
Moseley, Mike
Moses, Monte
Mostow, Susan
Mulcahy, Barbara and Mike
Mulholland, Richard and Beverly
Mullen, Pat
Mullins, Manuelita
Munoz, Becky and Joe
Munro, Fred
Murphy, Beth
Murphy, Jim and Leila
Murphy, Mildred
Murphy, Patricia
Murray, Bill and June
Mutz, Mark
Nachtrab, Paul
Nagata, Inge
Naiman, Pam
Nakai, Ruth and Thomas
Nakatani, Thomas
Naranjo, John and John
Nash, Bruce and Patricia
Nash, Phyllis
Nass, Reta
Nassimbene, Ray
Navarre, William
Navarro, Susie
Nearpass, Gary and Sandy
Neblett, Donna
Nehf, Steve
Neighbors, William
Nelson, Bob
Nelson, Donald and Jeannette
Nelson, John and John
Nelson, Nancy and John
Nessan, Doug
Neva, Elizabeth
Neveln, Martha
Nevin, Mike and Mary
Newell, Stephen
Newman, Robert
Nguyen, Que and Barbara
Nichalson, Mary
Nichols, Lerlaine
Nicoulin, Jack and Marita
Niehaus, Honoria
Nieland, Jane
Nielsen, Nancy
Nigg, Joseph
Nixon, Jonathan and Theresa
Noble, Shirley
Noel, Jim and Patricia
Noffsinger, Noland and Charlotte
Nonnenmacher, Maryanne
Norberg, Maxine
Norris, Neletta
North, Kathy
Nowakowski, Melba
Noyes, Barbara
Nutt, Connie and Frank
Oakes, Kent and Susan
Obert, Stan and Christine
Ochsner, Robert and Shirley
Odekirk, Geraldine
Oetjen, Robert
Ogden, Marilyn
Okerman, Jean
Olson, Christopher and Sandy
Opp, Renee and Robert
Oppliger, Ann
Ord, Thomas and Ardis
Orendac, Catherine and Jeffrey
Orendorff, Don and Mildred
Orndorff, Steve and Virginia
Ortlieb, Paula
Ortlip, Patricia
Osberg, Jim and Iris
Osburn, Gary
Osinski, Marlene and Douglas
Ososkie, Carol
Ostrowski, Joyce
Oswald, Dennis
Ott, Jane and John
Ottinger, John and Elizabeth
Otto, Stefan and Shirley
Owens, Elisabeth
Owens, Harold and Anne
Owens, Paul
Pacetti, Stephen and Julianne
Padgett, Karen
Padilla, Ray and Sharon
Page, Dick and Penny
Palinckx, James and Kay
Palius, Steve and Ann
Papazian, Nancy
Papiernik, Clara
Paradis, Daniel
Pardee, Peggy
Parker, Frances
Parker, Richard
Parker, Vaughn
Parkhill, William and Nicolette
Parkinson, Jan
Parks, Bonnie and David
Passoth, Virginia
Patrick, Christine
Patrick, Diane
Patterson, Judith
Patzer, Tamara
Pauls, Chet
Pearce, Perry
Pearlman, Nathan and Kerry
Pearson, Jeff and Jessica
Peck, Fred and Kathy
Pedersen, Barbara
Pell, Evangeline and Charles
Pena-Wickard, Anna
Peney, Kerry
Penner, Doug
Pepper, Joan
Perry, Lynn
Persinger, Joan
Peters, Judy
Petersen, Darrell and Laverne
Peterson, Barbara
Peterson, Carol
Peterson, Craig
Peterson, Dean and Judith
Peterson, Dennis
Peterson, Kenneth
Peterson, Peggy
Pfister, Neal
Phillips, Carol
Phillips, Margaret
Phillips, Michael
Phillips, Richard and Ethel
Phillips, Robert
Philpott-Jones, Douglas
Phipers, Jeanne
Pickarts, Jaye
Pierce, Cheryl and James
Pierce, Earl
Pierce, James and Dolores
Pigiel, John and Janice
Pinarchick, Joe
Pineda, Art
Pinkard, Diane
Pinkston, M
Pinkston, M.
Pitts, Malcolm and Janice
Pitzer, Bonnie and Earl
Pletcher, Robert
Plutschuck, Donna and Peter
Pokrandt, Kirk and Christine
Polich, Kathryn
Polk, Pamela and Dennis
Polzin, Larry and Donna
Poskie, Deborah
Pottle, Rita
Power, Joseph
Praetorius, Jeanette and Walt
Pratt, Patricia
Price, Bill and Tracee
Price, Neal and Neal
Price, Steven
Pristera, Robert and Josephine
Pritchett, Bonnie
Proffitt, Arlene and Bob
Proffitt, James and Carol
Pulley, Larry and Sally
Putnam, James and Margaret
Quering Barnes, Cathi
Quin, James and Pamela
Quinn, Regis and Debra
Quintana, Brian
Rabinowitz, Jay and Mindy
Racey, Jan and Dot
Radow, Richard
Raen, Lee and Barbara
Raffa, Leila
Rainold Family Foundation,
Ramirez, Gina and Fred
Ramsdell, Larry
Rasmussen, Norman and Jo
Rathbun, George and Linda
Ratkiewicz, Michael
Ratte, Frances and James
Ray, Gary and Gayle
RBC Wealth Management,
Rebeck, Mary
Redmond, Timothy and Diane
Reed, John and Diane
Reed, Melinda
Reed, Ron
Reeder, Jim and Jean
Reese, Donald and Zoe
Regan, June
Reger, Kathy
Reichman, Vic and Mary Catherine
Reid, Kerri
Reidy, Margaret
Reidy, Sonja and Gerald
Rein, Larry
Reindl, Terry
Renaissance Charitable Foundation,
Rensink, Karen
Reusink, Arden
Reynolds, Denise
Rhodes, Joe
Rice, Jim
Rich, Connie
Richardson, Betty
Richardson, James and Joanne
Richman, Sam
Riddo, Brigitte
Riemer, Teresa
Rimar, Kathleen
Ritz, Barbara
Rizzuto, Bob and Diane
Robb, Edward
Robb, Layle
Roberts, Fisher and Beverley
Roberts, James
Roberts, Jeffrey and Karen
Roberts, Kelly
Robertson, Bill and June
Robertson, Stephen and Elizabeth
Robeson, Gesa
Robie, Marilyn
Robinson, Carol
Robinson, Dolores
Robitschek, Kenneth
Roble, Timothy and Beverly
Rodenberger, Jacob
Rodie, Mark
Roe, Patricia
Rogers, Janet
Rogers, Mary and Mary
Rolnick, Michael and Patty
Romek, Don and Sue
Ronish, Peggy
Roos, David
Rose, David
Rosenberg, Steve
Rosenberg, Stuart
Rosenberger, Kathryn
Rosendahl, Steven
Rosenfeld, Edward and Debby
Rosinski, John and Margaret
Ross, Bob and Nancy
Ross, Ruth
Rossi, Dean
Rossow, Ray and Marsha
Roth, Donald
Roth, Frank and Tom
Rothbarth, Leo and Beth
Roupp, Delbert and Joann
Rovner, Mickey and Camella
Rowell, Norman
Roybal, Albert and Megan
Roybal, Betty
Rozeboom, Andrew
Rozmarin, George
Rubel, Tom
Rubin, Cathy
Rubin, Kenneth
Rubner, Paul and Vicki
Rundstrom, Cynthia
Rushing, Michael
Rusnak, Ronald
Russell, Arnold
Russell, Katie
Ruybal, Beverly
Ryan, James and Doreen
Ryan, Richard and Marge
Salazar, Patricia
Salter, Carolyn
Saltus, Kay
Sample, Yvette and William
Sanchez, Arthur
Sanchez, Heather and Robert
Sanchez, Joan
Sanders, Beverly
Sanders, George
Sanders, Stan and Sue
Sannar, Elise
Sanness, David
Sarche, Michael and Carol
Sargent, Joseph and Tracy
Sartorius, Patrick and Rosamond
Sass, John and Carol
Saucke, Kris and Scott
Sauer, Jason and Lisa
Sauser, Richard
Savage, Greg and Irene
Sayas, Connie and Patrick
Sayre, Eric and Kathryn
Scannell, Fran
Schaap, Larry
Schaefer, Larry and Marcia
Schafer, Erika
Schafer, Stacy
Schaffer, Brett and Louisa
Schandl, Annette
Schanot, Allen and Carolyn
Schecter, Marshall
Schell, Wayne and Linda
Schenkman, Anne
Scherba, Marshal and Carol
Scherer, Jim and Donna
Scherman, Jim and Glenda
Schettler, Kathleen and Leo
Schiele, Carl and Carolyn
Schirmer, Howard and Leslie
Schlageter, Robert
Schlise Haines, Suzanne and Charles
Schmahl, Edward and Elizabeth
Schmidt, Nicholas and Gail
Schmidt, Susan
Schmidt, Terry and Pam
Schneck, Stuart
Schneider, Michelle
Schneider, Tom and Janey
Schoen, Dorothy
Schoening, Ruth
Schomberg, Aaron and Sharon
Schott, Janice
Schottler, George and Alice
Schreiner, Mary
Schroeder, Luetta
Schroeder, Marybeth
Schroll, Ken and Jane
Schueneman, Robert and Margaret
Schulmeister, William and Barbara
Schultz, Thomas and Sandra
Schulz, Joyce
Schumann, Ruth
Schwartz, Kelle
Schweig, Eugene and Lisa
Scott, Beverly
Scott, John
Scott, Oscar and Susan
Scott, Susan and Susan
Searl, Kent and Janet
Sears, Aaron and Helen
Sedgeley, Debra
Seganti, Anthony
Seifert, Jay and Jonna
Seifried, Gwendollyn
Seiler, Melissa
Selkin, James
Serotta, Maurice
Settles, Jean
Severance, Leigh
Severson, Lora and Robert
Sevier, George and Blandine
Shackelford, Mary
Shafron, Cheryl and Richard
Shapiro, Lenore
Sharkoff, James
Sharp, Lori
Sharp, Nancy
Shaver, Carla and Robert
Shaver, Kenneth
Shaver, Steven
Shea, Brenda
Shea, Dennis and Ingrid
Shelden, Georgine and Arthur
Sheldon, Virginia
Shelley, Steve and Nanette
Shellman, Lucious
Shepard, Nancy
Sher, David and Litamae
Sherman, Jason and Jennifer
Shibata, Cynthia and Paul
Shinagle, Bernadette
Shirley, Pat
Shlay, Judith and William
Shober, Andrews and Stephanie
Shofner, Robert and Judith
Shore, Christine
Shoreland, Teressa
Short, Barbara
Short, Joe
Short, Linda
Shroads, Merrillyn
Shucard, Hal
Shuler, Sally
Sidder, Gary and Francis
Siegel, Mary and Gregory
Siekmeier, Donald and Gloria
Siemro, Donna
Sikes, Douglas
Sikora, James
Silver, Becky
Silverman, Arnold and Bonnie
Simantob, Hamid and Mahroo
Simard, Michelle
Simerson, Sally
Simmons, Janet
Simonich, Mary
Simons, Ken and Shirley
Simonton, Taylor and Jean
Simpson, Wayne and Pauline
Sims, Gary
Sitzmann, Ryan
Skiff, Daniel
Sly, Virginia
Smiley, John and Kay
Smith, Donna
Smith, Gillian
Smith, Helen
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Marilyn
Smith, Mark
Smith, Paul and Linda
Smith, Tom and Elizabeth
Smithers, Steve and Renee
Sneddon, Barbara and George
Snow, Karolyn
Snyder, Bill and Leandra
Snyder, Kirke and Diane
Sobesky, William
Sobke, Gene and Carol
Soldan, Michelle
Somers, Diane
Sommers, Fred and Joan
Sommers, Patricia
Spaulding, Lyman and Susan
Speilman, Susanne
Spells, Kenneth
Spiegel, Beth
Spiegel, Judith
Spooner, Gilbert
Spruit, Daniel
Squires, Roslyn
Stage, Kathy
Stakel, Susan
Stamp, Cathy
Stanton, Dena
Stapleton, Steve and Tammy
Stazel, Judith
Stegman, James
Steinberg, Tracy
Steiner, Terri and Terri
Steinke, George and Nancy
Stellmon, Lawrence and Charlotte
Stephenson, Douglas and Connie
Sterrett, Robert and Renate
Stewart, Art and Barb
Stewart, Marekah
Stewart, Marguerite
Stewart, Paul and Tina
Stillwell, Paul
Stirrat, Andrew
Stoffel, Phil
Stone, Ernest
Storrs, Robert
Stout, Jack
Stowell, John and Kristina
Stowell, Kristina and Kristina
Strassburger, Eric and Chanin
Stratton, Brad and Mary
Streltzer, Fred
Strimenos, Julia
Stringer, James and Leslea
Stroud, Deanna
Studen, Sharon and Nick
Sulley, Stephanie
Sullivan, Barbara
Sullivan, Pete and Pam
Sullivan, Sarah
Sunkel, Nancy
Surkalo, Harry and Carol Dee
Sutherland, Mary
Sutton, Kathleen
Svoboda, Ludvik and Katherine
Swansen, Diana
Swanson, Bob
Swanson, Dennis and Luanne
Swanson, Jim and Sue
Swanson, Leonard and Marjorie
Swanson, Robert and Barbara
Sweeney Markson, Martha
Szczech, John and Diana
Tableman, Martha
Tabor, Michael and Candy
Tabrizi, Moe and Nahid
Taglialavore, Vincent
Talbot, Susan
Tanaka, Rose
Tanner, Gareth
Tarvestad, Dottie
Tatar, Page and Philip
Tate, Thompson and Thompson
Taylor, Becky
Taylor, Candace
Taylor, Peggy and Kevin
Taylor, Peter
Taylor, Raymond and Sarah
Tedrick, John and Kathy
Tegart, James and Sally
Terrill, Jeff
Terry, Mike and Mitzi
Thaler, Gerald
Thaler, Ronald
Thaler, Terri
The Vmt Family Foundation,
Theodore, Amy
Thiaville, Madalyn
Thisted, Paul
Thomas, Barbara and Michael
Thomas, Christopher
Thomas, Gerald
Thomas, Gordon
Thomas, Lee Anne
Thomas, Richard and Mary
Thompson, Al and Maureen
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, Margot
Thompson, Nancy and Dale
Thomson, Margot
Thornburg, Jill
Thorngren, Barbara
Thornton, Gwen
Thornton, Jeanne
Thrower, Barbara
Tidquist, Micki
Tiegs, Carol Lynn
Tilden, Joan
Timmer, Joseph and Elizabeth
Timmons, Frank and Karen
Tinsley, Adrian
Tinsman, Barbara
Titus, William and Peggy Ann
Tomkins, Rodney and Judy
Tomlin, David and David
Tomlin, David and Ranee
Tomlingson, Paul and Ruth
Tomlinson, John and Elvera
Toomey, Kay and Tom
Torley, Red and Maggie
Tourtelot, David and Anne
Touysinhthiphonexay, Kim and Yen
Towey, Dolores
Town, Gail
Townsend, Ronald
Towstik, Frederick
Tramutola-Lawson, Dianne
Traudt, Ray and Margaret
Treichler, Elizabeth
Trent, Carolyn
Tretten, Kurt and Mary
Trieste, Pam
Truitt, Leigh
Truitt, Susan
Trujillo, Brian
Trujillo, Ernest
Trujillo, Robert
Tuckwell, James and Cindy
Turner, Brynda and Walker
Turner, Lana and Joe
Turner, Robert
Turshen, Stephen
Twombly, George and Alma
Uhland, Gerry and Eleanore
Unruh, Gerald
Upshaw, Donald and Darleen
Urbanowski, Terri
Utz, Margaret
Van Andel, Margaret and Joseph
Van Zyl, Virginia
Vancleave, Patricia
Vander Ark, Gary and Phyllis
Vander Kooi, Ron and Betty
Vanhaveren, Pearl
Vanzevern, Merrily
Vaughan, Linda
Veatch, Barbara
Venhoff, John
Venohr, Robert and Karen
Verdoorn, Norma
Verdun, David and Wendy
Vickles, Heather and Nick
Vigil, Dora
Viles, Donna
Virtue, Patricia and Thomas
VMT Family Foundation,
Vogel, Regina
Vogt, Jim and Madonna
Vollan, James and Judy
Vossler, Barb and Kim
Wack, Dennis and Marcia
Waddell, Evelyn
Waggoner, Paul
Waggoner, Susan and Paul
Wagner, Deborah
Wagner, Nancy and Greg
Wahlberg, Stephen and Judye
Waldheim, Joan
Waligorski, Errol and Karen
Walker, Jane
Wallace, John
Walter, Sandy
Walters, Carol
Walton, Alison
Ward, Barbara
Ward, Kevin and Joan
Ward, Mary
Ware, Judy
Warnecke, Deloris
Warnke, Patricia
Warren Butts, Myra
Warren, Janet
Warrington, Fay
Watazychyn, Helen
Wathier, Nicholas and Mary
Watlington, Edward
Weaver, Galen and Carolyn
Weaver, Rebecca
Webber, Louise
Weber, Carol
Weber, Michael
Webley, Elizabeth
Webster, Eleanor
Webster, Elizabeth
Wei, Susan and William
Weiner, Diana
Weiner, Judy
Weiner, Lawrence
Weinstein, Rhoda
Weiske, Sue
Weizman, Bonnie
Welch, William
Welding, Ruth and Robert
Wells, Paul and Kay
Wells, Schuyler and Allie
Welsch, Ann
Welsh, Kate
Wenngren, Earl and Bonnie
Werner, Robert and Mary
Wheeler, Anne
Whipple, Carl and Norma
White, Anne
White, Coralou
Whitehead, Wilborn
Whitesel, Elizabeth
Whitford, Don
Whitman, Walter
Whitmer, Grace
Whitney, Lois-Ann
Wieland, Donald
Wiersma, Sandra
Wilcox, Phillip
Wilensky, Steven and Susan
Will, Eric
Williams, Bernard and Cora Jean
Williams, Gretchen
Williams, Kindell
Williams, Michael
Williams, Steven
Willis, Donald and Donna
Wills, Bill
Willson, Robert and Meredith
Wilson, Anne
Wilson, Diana
Wilson, Edward and Shirley
Wilson, Hugh
Wilson, Michael
Wilson, William and Sharon
Winbauer, Lisa and Paul
Wing, Patrick and Stacy
Winterfeld, Amy
Winterrowd, Jerry and Ann
Wisemann, Doe
Wissemann, Howard and Theresa
Witt, Louise
Wojdyla, Karen
Wolf, Marcia
Wolf, Marilyn and Robert
Wolf, Sharon
Wolf, Steve and Marcella
Wolfe, Connie and Gary
Wolfe, Frederick and Nancy
Wolff, James and Marcia
Wolff, Ruth
Wolfson, Philip
Wolken, Bob and Candace
Wons, Marianne
Wood, Robyn
Woodford, Martha
Woodruff, Nancy
Woodruff, Tommy and Diane
Woods, James and Christine
Woods, Wayne and Barbara
Woodward, Chuck
Wooters, Barney and Barbara
World/Global-Gravity Games,
Wren, Catherine
Wright, Donna
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Jane
Wuertz, Donald and Alpha
Wyant, Richard and Patricia
Wyatt, Esther
Wyble, Lois
Yacovetta, Bernard and Bertha
Yamamoto, Penny
Yates, Bettina
Yeager, Kathleen and Robert
Yen, Marilyn
Yetter, Dave and Carolyn
Yoshida, Connie
Young, Alexander and Patricia
Young, Carmella
Young, Greg and Diane
Young, Mark and Altarae
Young, Pamela
Younger, Ronald
Zachman, Bob and Kathleen
Zaharias, Dianne and David
Zajkowski, John and Dolores
Zakowski, Wayne
Zaragoza, Ambrose and Ambrose
Zaremba, Terry and Constance
Zeck, Belva and John
Zeile, Arija
Zelio, Judy
Zenge, Peter
Zeppelin, Kal
Zielinski, Robert and Kathryn
Zloth, Susan
Zocher, Darlene
Zrimec, John and Judi
Kim SharpDonor List