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Thank you so much to everyone who has made a generous gift to The Denver Post Season To Share campaign this year. Your generosity has made it possible to grant $1,371,000 to 51 metro Denver nonprofit agencies that provide life-changing programs to help move our neighbors in need out of poverty toward stabilization and self-sufficiency.

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There are currently 199 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.

Machol, Janet
MacLennan, Jack
Madsen, Sally
Maginn, Shannon
Mahefka, Tom
Maierhofer, Justina
Maikovich, Marsha and Bill
Maize, George and Vesta
Malden, Ancile
Maloney, Greta and Robert
Malsam, Lawrence and Katherine
Mancinelli, Roberta
Manown, Lloyd and Marlene
Manzi, Anthony and Valorie
Marcinkowski, Lester and Linda
Marek, Susan
Marin, Susan and Dick
Mark, Carol
Markowski, Russ
Markson, Jay and Martha
Marmann, Eileen
Maronick, James
Marquess, Lawrence
Marsden, Bruce
Marsh, Sherman and Colleen
Marshall, Lea
Marshall, Vicki
Marsico, Flora and John
Martin, Amy
Martin, Carl and Elaine
Martin, Jean
Martin, Patricia
Martin, Richard
Martinez, Leonard and Jan
Martinez, Michele
Martinez, Renate
Marx, Patrick
Marzoni, Pettersen and Elizabeth
Maskus, Keith and Susan
Massey, Roger
Massirio, Cynthia
Matchett, Chris
Mather, Karen
Mathias, Johna and Paul
Mathisen, Robert
Matthies, Floyd
Mauro, Paul and Pat
Maves, Peter
Maxwell, Chris
Maxwell, Denise
Maxwell, James
May, Daniel and Anastacia
May, Jeff and Karen
Maycumber, Ed and Joni
Maydick, Karen
McBryde, Karrie and Connor
McCabe, Jim and Claire
McCall, James and Rita
McClure, Lisa
McClurg, Michael and Rosa
McConnell, Carla
McConnell, Lucy
McCoola, Brian
McCord, Richard and Adele
McCormick, Charles
McCullough, John
McCullough, Rosann
McCumber, Yvonne
McDanal, Michael
McDermott, Dirk and Carol
McDermott, Pam
McDonald, Alison
McDonald, Bonnie
McDonald, Dennis and Lory
McDonnell, Jeannette
McFail, Dean and Dory
McGann, Barbara
McGaugh, Susan
McGee, Michael and Eleanor
McGovern, Cheryl
McGrath, Michael and Linda
McGuire, Claudia
McHenry, Brenda
McHenry, Patricia
McHugh, Bruce and Debra
McKaig, Sue
McKernan, Donald and Elsie
McKibbin, Donna
McKinney, Mindy
McKinnis, James and Frances
McKinstry, Carol
McLaughlin, Barbara
McLaughlin, Larry and Jeanne
McLaughlin, Patrick
McLaughlin, Patti
McLean, Kathleen
McMahon, Kevin and Kathy
McManus, Peggy
McMeekin, Steve and Sue
McMillan, Ian
McNamara, John and Mary
McNamara, Kevin
McPhillips, Susan
McRae, Sandra
McSweeny, John
Mead, Jay and Carol
Meek, Patty
Mehringer, Laura
Mehringer, Marilyn
Meier, Spencer and Patricia
Mendelsberg, Evelyn
Mendenhall, Candice
Meneghini, George and Joann
Merrill, Lynn
Mesaros, Tom
Meskimen, Lisa
Messer, Donald and Bonnie
Messner, John and Kathleen
Mestrezat, William and Elaine
Metcalf, David and Marilou
Metropulos, Benjamin
Metropulos, Mary and Peter
Metz, Michael and Elizabeth
Meyer, Helga
Meyer, Karle
Meyer, Shirley
Meyer, Trish
Meyerson, Dianne
Michels, Marcia
Mickelson, Gordon and Jean
Mihaljevic, Lynda
Miles, Helen
Miller, Jay and Lois
Miller, Karen
Miller, Kenneth
Miller, Marylin
Miller, Maurice and Sue
Miller, Ricky
Miller, Robert
Miller, Shirley
Miller, Steve
Mills, Denise
Mills, James
Minkin, Robert
Minuti, Angelo and Mary
Mitchell, Deanna
Mitchell, James
Mitchem, Jeff and Randi
Mobley, Joyce
Moehring, Roswitha
Moline, Wendy
Mollicone, Mary
Monatt, Bonnie
Monge, Lou
Monroe, Don and Cherie
Moore, Andrew
Moore, Bruce
Moore, Elaine
Moore, Jill and Tyler
Moore, Lorna
Moore, Patricia
Moore, Peggy
Moore, Robert and Patricia
Moore, Sherry
Morgan, Bruce
Morgan, Elliott
Morgan, James
Morgan, Nancy
Morgenstern, Nora
Morneault, Carrie and Joe
Morris-Carr, Marlene
Morris, David and Debra
Morrison, Nancy
Morton, Karli
Moscatelli, Bonnie
Mosen, Jill
Moser, Christine
Moses, Monte
Mosier, Terry
Mostow, Susan
Mowery, Ethan
Moyer, Thomas
Mozelewski, Janet
Mueller, Geoffrey
Mueller, Tom and Sher
Mulcahy, Barbara and Mike
Mulholland, Richard and Beverly
Mullen, Pat
Munn, Alison
Munoz, Becky and Joe
Munro, Judith
Murphy, Beth
Murphy, LaRoda
Murphy, Mildred
Murray, Jonathan
Murray, Russell and Dena

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