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Thank you so much to everyone who has made a generous gift to The Denver Post Season To Share campaign this year. Your generosity has made it possible to grant $1,371,000 to 51 metro Denver nonprofit agencies that provide life-changing programs to help move our neighbors in need out of poverty toward stabilization and self-sufficiency.

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There are currently 129 names in this directory beginning with the letter W.

Wade, Tom
Wagner, Gail
Wagner, Mary
Wagner, Nancy and Greg
Wagner, Peggy
Walker, Anne
Walker, Donna
Wall, Peter
Wallace, Donna
Wallace, Jeff
Wallace, Kim
Wallach, Ryan
Walter, Alice
Walter, Sandy
Walters, Carol
Wanty, Diane and Richard
Ward, Barbara
Ward, Kevin and Joan
Ward, Mary
Ward, Stanley
Warkentin, Bill and Judi
Warnecke, Deloris
Warren Butts, Myra
Warren, Janet
Warren, John
Wasserman, Marc
Watazychyn, Helen
Watts, Norma
Weaver, Beatrice
Weaver, Charles
Weaver, Rebecca
Webber, Louise
Weber, James
Weber, Kathleen
Webster, Eleanor
Wederski, Angela
Weeks, Susan
Wegs, Tom and Jewel
Weigner, Kerry and Barbara
Weismeyer, Karen
Weiss, Jonathan and Laurie
Weister, Russell
Welding, Ruth and Robert
Weller, Paul and Toni
Welsch, Ann
Welsh, Kate
Wenk, William and Marlene
Wenngren, Earl and Bonnie
Wentz, Deneen and Ray
Werner, Nancy
West, Kenneth
Westerberg, Decker and Ann
Westkott, Gari
Whalen, Michael and Rose
Whitaker, Bruce and Becky
Whitaker, Donna
White, Barbara
White, Darrell and Linda
White, Mikki
White, Ronald and Judy
Whitehouse, Chet and Jo Ann
Whitford, Don
Whitman, Walter
Whitmer, Grace
Wicker, Carolyn
Widdifield, Patricia
Wiechmann, William
Wiens, Barbara
Wiest, James
Wiley, Charles and Teresa
Wilkins, Patricia
Will, Eric
Williams, Bernard and Cora Jean
Williams, Clifford and Mary Louise
Williams, Davis
Williams, Gretchen
Williams, James and Ann-Margaret
Williams, Judith
Williams, Michael and Donna
Willis, Donald and Donna
Willis, Marsha
Wills, Bill
Willsey, Patricia
Wilmot, John and Cindy
Wilson, Anne
Wilson, Carl
Wilson, Charles and Janet
Wilson, Chester
Wilson, Edward and Shirley
Wilson, James
Winbauer, Lisa and Paul
Windes, Darrell and Diane
Wing, Patrick and Stacy
Winn, June
Winter, Anita and Michael
Winterfeld, Amy
Wischmeyer, Gerald and Sandra
Witt, Louise
Wittreich, Bill and Patricia
Wodark, Harold and Maria
Wojdyla, Karen
Wolf, Marilyn
Wolff, Kenneth
Wolff, Lisa
Wolford, Ann
Wolfson, Philip
Wolken, Bob and Candace
Wollan, Barbara
Wood, Lawrence and Constance
Wood, Robyn
Woodford, Jean
Woodman, Liesel
Woodrow, Terry
Woods, James and Christine
Woodward, Chuck
Woodward, Denise
Woodward, Robert
Woodworth, Frank
Wooldridge, Kim
Wooters, Barney and Barbara
Worth, Michael and Jennifer
Wright, Bill and Lynda
Wright, Elizabeth
Wunsch, Rosann
Wyant, Richard and Patricia
Wylie, Doug and Mary

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