Donor List

The 2019/20 Season To Share donor list:

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There are 47 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.
LaBarge, Kathleen and Robert
Lafollette, John
Lalan, Judy and Gregory
Laney, Anne
Larremore, Ted
Larsen-McKaig, Susan
Lasher, Robert and Gay
Lasky, Joseph and Beatrice
Lawrence, Steven
Lawton, Gwen
Layman, Joan
Leaman, Richard
Leaver, Helen
Leavesley, George
Lee, Carol
Leeper, Sara
Leibbrandt, Joyce
Lemon, Phyllis and Dallas
Lenoue, Dale and Emily
Lente, Kitt
Leritz, John
Leslie, John and Sharon
LeTerneau, John and Elizabeth
Levinson, Carol
Levy, Jim
Licko, David and Elaine
Lightstone, Hank
Lilley, Katherine
Lind, Robert and Joann
Lindsey, David and Barbara
Liston, Dorothy
Litvak, Joni and Larry
Litvak, Sylvia
Lockhart, Ann
Loendorf, Greg and Emily
Lohr, Barbara and David
Long, Karen
Longfellow, Gail
Lookner, Cecilia
Lopez, Fred
Lothrop, Michael
Lovelace, Donald and Jeaneel
Lowy, Karen
Lucero, Cipriano
Luck, David
Lupe, Bob and Carolyn
Lutz, Judy
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