Donor List

Thank you so much to the following donors for making a generous gift to The Denver Post Season To Share. These donations will give our neighbors in need access to life-changing programs that will help move them out of poverty toward stabilization and self-sufficiency.

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There are currently 231 names in this directory beginning with the letter B.
Baack, Peggy and Ed
Baack, Thomas and Paula
Baak, Arlyn
Babiarz, David and Sheryl
Bachman, Bryan and Amy Bachman
Badolato, Patricia and Vincent
Bahrenburg, James
Bahrych, Theresa
Bailey, Cherlyn and Steve
Bailey, Marian
Baillie, Jane
Bainbridge, Paula
Bair, Robert and Connie
Baker, Sue
Ballard, Bruce and Daira
Ballard, David
Balmes, Molly
Balstad, Paul
Bammann, Joseph and Colleen
Banks, Donita
Banks, Jack and Shirley
Banman, James
Barad, Edward and Marlin
Barday, Robert and Judith
Barnard, Charles
Barnes, Wendy and Darrell
Barnhorst, Ardith
Barr, Robbie
Barron, Francis and Tamara
Barru, Phil and Jennifer
Barstow, Barbara
Barter, Mark and Susan
Basanow, Bettina and Schukr
Bashor, Sherry
Baskin, Louise
Bassett, Tom
Bater, Jennifer
Bath, Louise
Battan, Lisa
Battilega, John and Nancy
Baudoin, Patricia and Roger
Bauer-Hansen, Doris
Bauer, Bruce
Bauer, Carolyn
Bauer, Ken and Linda
Baughman, Cheryl
Baum, Karen
Baum, Marie
Bayless, Robert
Beattie, Beverly
Bebell, David
Becher, David
Becher, Harold and Ingrid
Bechtel, Olivia
Becker, Dennis
Becker, Jim and Debbie
Beebe, Shirley
Beegles, Roxi
Behr, Sarita
Belanger, Laura
Belina, Barbara and David
Bell, Barbara
Bell, Sally
Belo, Michael and Ann
Beltrami, Leslie
Bender, Fredric
Bender, Jack
Benedict, Audrey
Benedict, Mitchell
Bennett, Beverly
Bennett, Elizabeth
Bennett, Frank and Carla
Bennett, Jamie
Bennett, Julie
Benoit, Nancy
Bent, Karen
Benton, Sheryl
Bentz, Evelyn
Berenstein, Gerald
Berg, Roger and Joyce
Berger, Leona
Bergsmann, Ilene
Berkey, David
Berkowitz, Steve and Sandy
Berliner, Ernest
Berlinger, Thomas
Bermant, Ann
Berninzoni, Laurel
Bernstein, Bruce
Bernstein, Mary and Marty
Berry, John and Connie
Best, Anne and Ray
Betthauser, Paul and Lois
Bicknell, Gary and Debra
Bicknell, James and Sue
Bidwell, Jan
Bieber, Barb and Bill
Bierman, Sandra
Bilanich, Bud and Cathy
Bird, Thomas and Wendy
Birks, Diane
Bisantz, Charlotte
Bischoff, Rosemary
Blackman, Joseph
Blackmore, Karen
Blado, Jolita
Blair, Ron and Eve
Blaney, Howard and Marie
Blankemeier, William and Cheryl
Blauth, Eugene and Patricia
Bleich, Audrey
Bleichfeld, Lorna and Michael
Blewitt, Dennis and Arlene
Bliss, Gary and Patty
Blomgren, Raymond
Bloor, John and Anita
Blubaugh, Richard and Rebecca
Blum, Joshua and Meg
Bock, Chris and Sarah
Boczkiewicz, Robert
Bodhane, John and Mary
Boeckx, James and Debra
Boettcher, Chandler
Bogart, Karen
Bohl, Stacy
Boldra, Randie
Boley, Polly
Boley, Teresa
Bonney, Robert
Boos, Kenneth and Cindy
Boos, Werner and Suzanne
Borchert, Gwen and Neil
Borden, Marie
Borengasser, Vince
Borer, Carrie
Borgsmiller, Mike
Bornstein, Arthur
Borries, Diana
Borwick, Rod and Carolyn
Bosco, Tim
Bottone, Paul and Myrna
Bouck, Barbara
Boulder, Joel and Jan
Bouley, Alice
Bouley, Charles
Bowers, Jim and Judith
Boyd, Brewster and Helen
Boyle, Lynn
Braden, Cindy
Bradley, Susan
Bralic, Michael and Mary
Bramble, Mary
Bramer-Mitten, Carol
Bramhall, Fred and Mary
Brammell, Carole and H.L.
Brammer, Shiela
Brancard, Manfred and Ruth
Brandt, Barbara
Brauer, Beverly
Braun, Stan and Nancy
Brayden, Robert and Dea
Brayton, Barbara
Breen, Jay
Brehm, David
Breitenstein, Karla
Bremenstuhl, Cosmo and Mila
Brenner, Janice
Brewer, Monica
Brewster, Kennard
Brier, Richard
Briggs, Ron and Shirley
Brindisi, Carol
Brinker, Margaret
Brohl, Lynne
Bronesky, Joseph and Jacquelin
Bronsten, Andria and Michael
Brookens, Priscilla and Bruce
Brooks, Linda and Ernie
Brooks, Lois
Brougham, Elise
Brouhard, Alice
Brousseau, Reba
Brown, Betty
Brown, Carolyn
Brown, Joanne
Brown, John
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Marian
Brown, Mary
Brown, Richard and Joyce
Brown, Richard and Lois
Brown, Stanley and Karen
Brown, Steve
Brozka, Bob and Rita
Brugman, Susan
Bruner, Cindy
Bruner, Cindy and Jack
Brungardt, Cheryl and Dennis
Brunner, Steven
Bryan, Marshall and Ann
Buchan, James and Sue
Bucher, Karen
Buchholz, Karl and Dianne
Buck, Barry
Buck, Kathy and Irv
Buck, Robert and Suzanne
Buckley, Grace
Buckstein, Jan
Buhner, Medley
Bullot, Lindsay
Bumanglag, Dale and Jim
Bunker, Terri
Burgard, Roger and Donna
Burgener, David
Burmeister, Larry and Rebecca
Burns, Diane
Burns, Gene and Trudy
Burrell, Robert
Burritt, Ed and Perri
Burrows, Richard and Denise
Burson, George and Kathie
Busch, Lori
Buschhoff, Fred and Anita
Butz, Mary
Bybee, David
Byer, Steven and Genny
Byrne, Joan

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