Donor List

Thank you to the generous 2019/20 Season To Share donors on this list and to those who chose to remain anonymous. Thanks to your kindness, $1.4 million was distributed to 55 metro Denver nonprofit agencies in March 2020.

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There are 14 names in this directory beginning with the letter Y.
Yacovetta, Bernard and Bertha
Yamamoto, Penny
Yeager, Kathleen and Robert
Yesavage, Stephanie and Victor
Yetter, Dave
Yockam, Eleanor
York, George and Debbie
Yoshimura, Mas and Barbara
Young, Alexander and Patricia
Young, Carmella
Young, Greg and Diane
Young, Marilyn
Young, Pamela
YourCause LLC Trustee for PepsiCo Foundation,
Kim SharpDonor List