Donor List

Thank you to the generous 2019/20 Season To Share donors on this list and to those who chose to remain anonymous. Thanks to your kindness, $1.4 million was distributed to 55 metro Denver nonprofit agencies in March 2020.

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There are 67 names in this directory beginning with the letter N.
Nachtrab, Paul
Nadel, Peter
Nagata, Inge
Naiman, Pam
Naiman, Rachel
Nakai, Ruth and Thomas
Names, Dorothy
Nash, Bruce and Patricia
Nash, Phyllis
Nass, Reta
Nearpass, Gary and Sandy
Neblett, Donna
Neighbors, William
Nelson, Bob
Nelson, Donald and Jeannette
Nelson, Georgia
Nelson, Nancy and John
Neri, Joe and Sharon
Nessan, Doug
Neuman, Margaret and Cheryl
Neuwirth, Dean
Neva, Elizabeth
Neveln, Martha
New, Veronica
Newby, Blaine and Allie
Newell, Stephen
Newman, Philip
Newman, Robert
Newman, Robert and Donna
Newton, Catherine
Newton, Richard and Janet
Nguyen, Baochau
Nichalson, Mary
Nichols, Jan
Nicholson, Cynthia
Nickoloff, Janis
Nicoulin, Karen
Nicoulin, Marita
Niehaus, Honoria
Nieland, Jane
Nielsen, Claus and Barbara
Nielsen, Nancy
Niemczyk, Donald and Helen
Nieto, Epifanio
Nieves, Carmen
Nigg, Joseph
Nininger, Robert
Noble, Alan and Virginia
Noble, Shirley
Noel, Jim and Patricia
Noel, Sharon
Nofziger, Keith and Angela
Noll, Kevin
Nonnenmacher, Maryanne
Norden, Eleanor
Noreyko, Ken
Norman, Bruce and Kay
Norman, Stephen
Norris, Neletta
North, Kathy
Nowakowski, Melba
Noyes, Barbara
Nuernberger, Carl
Nugent, Ms. Margaret Nugent
Nunley, Karin and Mike
Nuss, Craig
Nutt, Connie and Frank
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