Donor List

Thank you to the generous 2019/20 Season To Share donors on this list and to those who chose to remain anonymous. Thanks to your kindness, $1.4 million was distributed to 55 metro Denver nonprofit agencies in March 2020.

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There are 117 names in this directory beginning with the letter D.
Dahl, Thomas
Daily, Laura
Daily, Marilyn
Dalby, Gordon and Alice
Dandy, David
Darby, Gary and Loisann
Darfler, Gary
Darling, Nicolett
Darzins, Erik and Melissa
Daubenspeck, Andrew
Davalos, Jo-Ann
Davidson, James
Davidson, Sheryl and Dave
Davis, E. M.
Davis, Judith
Davis, Robert
Davis, Stuart
Day, Dorine
Day, Michael and Glenna
Dayhoff, Dolores
Dayhuff, Gloria
De Bane, Lougene and Dennis
De Fries, Sandra
De May, Jan
Deal, Ronald
Dean, Emily
Dean, James and Gail
Dean, Kathy
Dean, Mary
Dean, Roy and Alice
Deasy, Claudia
Debner, David
Debrunner, Peter and Sigrid
DeCicco, Edward and Ann
Decker, Dorothy
Dedio, John and Irmgard
Del Rio-Daily, Ascension
Del Valle, Mary Ellen
Dell, William
Demos, Janet
Denison, Edward and Gerri
Dennis, Beverly and Everett
Dennis, Kurt and Shelby
Dennison, Kristine
Denton, Darrel and Mary Ellen
Denver Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Iota,
Derosear, Ann
Desantis, Tom
Detar, George and Sarah
DeTemple, Julie
Deuell, Sharon
Devine, Donna
DeWinter, Terry and Pat
Dewlaney, Peter and Suzanne
Di Rito, Thomas and Diana
Dice, Christine
Dickerman, Elizabeth
Diehl, Ben and Christine
Diehl, Mary
Dietz, Larry and Judith
Dikeou, Andrea
Dineen, Constance
Dingae, Theodora
Dinner, Bernice
Dionese, Marla
DiOrio, Nicholas
DiRenzo, Debbie
Dishong, Dion
Dixon, Mary
Doctorian, Sonya
Dodson, Eve
Dolson, Susan and Chris
Dominguez, Larry
Donahue, Ralph and Carol
Donaldson, Jon and Terre
Donegan, Robert
Doner, Mary
Donnelly, Dwight and Karen
Donor, Karen
Donovan, Edward and Susan
Donovan, Elizabeth
Dooley, Terence
Dory, George and Lynda
Dossett, David and Michele
Dotsch, Marcella
Dotson, William
Doucette, John and Helga
Dougherty, Mark and Carla
Douglas, Elaine
Dowell, Dan and Linda
Downie, Wendy and Peter
Downing, Linda
Drake, Gary and Janet
Drake, Thomas and Vicki
Dreblow, Ted and Bonnie
Dreger, Jon and Mary
Dreier, Wilhelmina
Dreisbach, Lenore
Dreux, Charles and Mary Jo
Drexler, Steve and Mary Ann
Droste, Anthony and Valerie
Dudley, Park
Duer, Kay
Duffner, Barbara
Duman, Lynne
Duncan, Chris and Paul
Duncan, Georgia
Dunevitz, Burton and Barbara
Dunn Lewis, Mark and Susan
Dunn, Ernest and Elaine
Durbin, Madeline and Charles
Dusek, Connie and Bud
Duvall Family Foundation,
Dvorak, Neil and Janet
Dwyer, Daniel
Dykstra, Don and Lori
Dywer, Tom
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