Donor List

The 2019/20 Season To Share donor list:

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There are 76 names in this directory beginning with the letter B.
Baack, Peggy and Ed
Baack, Thomas and Paula
Bair, Robert and Connie
Baker, Patricia
Banks, Jack and Shirley
Barad, Edward and Marlin
Barrett, Claudia
Barrow, Barbara
Barstow, Barbara
Barta, Mary
Bartholomew, Sam and Mildred
Bassett, Ruth
Bastron, Thais
Bater, Jennifer
Battan, Lisa
Bauer-Hansen, Doris
Bauer, Bruce
Baum, Karen
Baxter, Sheila
Beegles, Roxi
Belanger, Laura
Belina, Barbara and David
Bender, Fredric
Benedict, Mitchell
Bennett, Julie
Berberick, Diane
Berenstein, Gerald
Berglund, Dennis and Shirley
Berliner, Ernest
Bernard, Lisa
Bernstein, Mary and Marty
Best, Joe and Marion
Bicknell, Bix and Sue
Bicknell, Gary and Debra
Bigham, Ruth
Birchenall, Marilyn
Birtle, Hazel
Bishop, Sue
Blair, Ron and Eve
Blanke, Norma
Blomstrom, Gary and Lois
Bloor, John and Anita
Blosser, Larry and Patty
Bodhane, John and Mary
Boehm, Estella
Bogg, Barbara
Boline, Jon
Bollinger, Richard and Anna Mae
Borden, Marie
Borengasser, Vince
Boskey, Todd
Bowers, James and Judith
Boyd, Brewster and Helen
Boyens, Bruce
Brammell, Carole and H.L.
Brancard, Manfred and Ruth
Branch, Bill and Nancy
Brauer, Beverly
Breen, Jay
Broadhurst, Mary
Bronesky, Joseph and Jacquelin
Brougham, Elise
Brown-Bengtson, Peggy
Brown, Rod and Kay
Brughelli, Patricia
Brungardt, Cheryl and Dennis
Brunk, Kenneth and Sue
Bruno, Donald
Bryngelson, John and Carlyn
Bucher, Karen
Buchholz, Karl
Bugay, John and Beverly
Bullot, Lindsay
Burson, George and Kathie
Butler, Charlene
Bybee, David and Susan
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