Donor List

Thank you to the generous 2019/20 Season To Share donors on this list and to those who chose to remain anonymous. Thanks to your kindness, $1.4 million was distributed to 55 metro Denver nonprofit agencies in March 2020.

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There are currently 3069 names in this directory
Aarestad, Norm and Margaret
Aaron, Bob
Aaronson, Norman
Abblett, Ginny
Abell, Joe and Bonnie
Abrams, Dan and Jean
Accurso, Tanya and Frank
Acosta, DeAnn and Michael
Adams, Beverly
Adams, Larry and Sandra
Adams, Pamela
Addington-Lee, France
Adkisson, Larry and Catherine
Adler, Jean and Bruce
Adolphson, James and Susan
Aguiar, Ronald and Deborah
Ahles, Martha
Akeroyd, Richard and Joanne
Albers, Kathleen
Albright, Kennon
Aldridge, David and Nancy
Alevras, Barbara
Alexander, Betty
Alfini, Lorraine
Alishio, Gary
Allen, Bernard and Sandra
Allen, Candace
Allen, Janine
Allen, Mark
Allen, Mary Kay
Allen, Robert and Mary
Alley, Marjorie
Allinder, Richard and Michelle
Alliprandine, Judith
Allison, Shirley
Alme, John and Jean
Alpert, Alan and Laurel
Althoff, Carolyn
Amarasingham, Saha
Ambler, Dorothy
Ambruso, Dan and Kathy
Ames, Greg and Regina
Anchustegui, Jim and DeAnn
Anders, Neil and Adelle
Andersen, Kent and Wendy
Anderson, Allen and Mary
Anderson, Cheri
Anderson, Elaine
Anderson, Elena
Anderson, Katherine
Anderson, Larry
Anderson, Myrta
Anderson, Pat and Steve
Anderson, Priscilla
Anderson, Rich
Anderson, Vicki
Anderson, William and Mary
Andresen, Kenneth
Andrews, Martha
Andrews, Mary
Angelini, Norm and Sue
Anselment, Anne
Antes, James and Mary
Anthony, Jim and Barbara
Antle, Robert
Antony, Stephen and Kathleen
Appelhans, Pat and Barb
Arantz, John
Arbogast, Christine
Archuleta, James
Archuleta, Polly
Armbruster, Debra
Armstrong, Elwood
Arnold, Barbara
Arnold, Evelyn
Arnold, Kim and Craig
Arvin, David and Brigitta
Asher, Connie and Don
Ashley, Jean
Asimos, Karen
Atherton, Robert and Bonnie
Athey, Patricia
Atkinson, Rick
Aubert, Kathleen and Wayne
Augustus-Keenan, Quetta
Austin, Albert
Austin, Mabel
Baack, Peggy and Ed
Baack, Thomas and Paula
Baak, Arlyn
Baca, Tina
Badolato, Patricia and Vincent
Bahrenburg, James
Baier, Carol and Robert
Bailey, David and Robbie
Bair, Robert and Connie
Baker, Carol
Baker, Patricia
Baker, Sue
Baldwin, Robert
Bales, Brent
Bales, Jennifer
Ballard, Sharon
Ballenger, Kelly
Balstad, Paul
Bammann, Joseph and Colleen
Bammerlin, Dolores
Banks, Donita
Banks, Jack and Shirley
Banks, Sandy
Barad, Edward and Marlin
Barday, Robert and Judith
Barkman, Marty and Carol
Barmington, James
Barnard, Charles
Barnes, Wendy and Darrell
Barnhorst, Ardith
Barrett, Claudia
Barrow, Barbara
Barstow, Barbara
Barta, Mary
Barter, Mark and Susan
Bartholomew, Sam and Mildred
Bary, Karen
Basanow, Bettina and Schukr
Bashor, Sherry
Bassett, Art
Bassett, Ruth
Bassett, Tom
Bastron, Thais
Bater, Jennifer
Battan, Lisa
Battilega, Nancy
Bauer-Hansen, Doris
Bauer, Bruce
Bauer, Ken and Linda
Baughman, Cheryl
Baum, Karen
Baum, Marie
Bauman, Elizabeth
Baxter, Sheila
Bay, David and Esther
Bayless, Robert
Beattie, Beverly
Bebell, David
Becher, David
Becher, Harold and Ingrid
Bechtel, Olivia
Becker Family Charitable Foundation,
Becker, Janet
Becker, Jim and Debbie
Beckett, Judea
Beckman, Lisa and David
Beebe, Shirley
Beegles, Roxi
Belanger, Laura
Belina, Barbara and David
Bell, Sally
Bell, William and Jacqueline
Belo, Michael and Ann
Beltrami, Leslie
Bender, Fredric
Bender, Jack
Benedict, Mitchell
Benero, Patterson
Bengston, Roger
Bennett, Becky
Bennett, Beverly
Bennett, Bryan and Sandy
Bennett, Frank and Carla
Bennett, Julie
Benoit, Nancy
Bent, Karen
Berberick, Diane
Berenstein, Gerald
Berg, Michele
Berglund, Dennis and Shirley
Bergstrom, Michael and Mary
Berkey, Thomas and Michelene
Berkowitz, Steve and Sandy
Berliner, Ernest
Berliner, Martin and Gail
Bermant, Ann
Bernard, Lisa
Berninzoni, Laurel
Bernstein, Bruce
Bernstein, Mary and Marty
Berry, John and Connie
Bertrand, Delores
Beserra, Leo
Best, Anne and Ray
Best, Joe and Marion
Betthauser, Paul and Lois
Bicknell, Bix and Sue
Bicknell, Gary and Debra
Bidwell, Jan
Bieber, Barb and Bill
Biggs, Stephen
Bigham, Ruth
Bilanich, Bud and Cathy
Billings, Judy
Billings, Judy and Richard
Binder, John and Colleen
Birchenall, Marilyn
Birky, Melvin and Jane
Birtle, Hazel
Bishop, Sue
Black, Diane
Black, Kendra and Eric
Blackstock, Carol
Blado, Jolita
Blair, Hollis
Blair, Ron and Eve
Blakeslee, Chris and Sue
Blamey, Beverly
Blanke, Norma
Blankemeier, William and Cheryl
Blauth, Eugene and Patricia
Bleau, Paul and Donna
Blewitt, Dennis and Arlene
Bliss, Gary and Patty
Block, Keith and Constance
Blomgren, Raymond
Blomstrom, Gary and Lois
Bloor, John and Anita
Blosser, Larry and Patty
Blumer, Burdette and Barbara
Bodhane, John and Mary
Boehm, Estella
Boettcher, Chandler
Bogart, Karen
Bogg, Barbara
Bohan, Robert and Ann
Boley, Polly
Boline, Jon
Bollinger, Richard and Anna Mae
Bonney, Robert
Boos, Kenneth and Cindy
Boos, Werner and Suzanne
Boots, Sandra and Paul
Borden, Marie
Borengasser, Vince
Borer, Carrie
Born, David
Borries, Diana
Borsi, Dianne
Bortz, Paul and Judith
Borwick, Rod and Carolyn
Boschen, Thomas
Boschert, James
Bosco, Tim
Boskey, Todd
Bottone, Paul and Myrna
Bouck, Barbara
Boulder, Joel and Jan
Bouley, Charles
Bowers, James and Judith
Boyce, Kathy
Boyd, Brewster and Helen
Boyens, Bruce
Boyle, Elizabeth
Braden, Cindy
Bradley, Pamela
Bramble, Mary
Bramhall, Fred and Mary
Brammell, Carole and H.L.
Brammer, Shiela
Brancard, Manfred and Ruth
Branch, Bill and Nancy
Brass, Lorna
Brauer, Beverly
Braun, Margaret
Brayden, Robert
Brayton, Barbara
Breen, Ann
Breen, Jay
Brehm, David
Brennan, Suzanne
Bresadola, Thomas and Charlene
Bretzlauf, David and Jean
Briggs, Ron and Shirley
Brindisi, Carol
Broadhurst, Mary
Brockway, Ronald and Mary
Broder, Joanie
Brodsky, Michael
Bromley, Robert and Mari Beth
Bronesky, Joseph and Jacquelin
Bronsten, Andria and Michael
Brooks, Linda and Ernie
Brooks, Lois
Broste, Joan
Brougham, Elise
Brown-Bengtson, Peggy
Brown, Betty
Brown, David
Brown, Hugh and Lynne
Brown, Joanne
Brown, John
Brown, Mary
Brown, Richard and Joyce
Brown, Richard and Lois
Brown, Rod and Kay
Brown, Stanley and Karen
Brown, Steve and Angela
Brozka, Bob and Rita
Brubaker, Linda
Brughelli, Patricia
Brugman, Susan
Brunell, David and Susan
Brungardt, Cheryl and Dennis
Brunk, Kenneth and Sue
Bruno, Donald
Bryan, Ben
Bryan, Marshall and Ann
Bryan, Suzanne
Bryant, Lisa
Bryngelson, John and Carlyn
Buchan, James and Sue
Bucher, Karen
Buchholz, Karl
Buck, Barry
Buck, Kathy and Irv
Buckley, Annette
Buckmaster, Barbara
Budny, Scott
Bugay, John and Beverly
Bullot, Lindsay
Bumanglag, Dale and Jim
Bundren, Ava
Burgard, Roger and Donna
Burke, Marvin
Burnham, Jane
Burns, Diane
Burrell Family Foundation,
Burrell, Robert
Burritt, Ed and Perri
Burrows, Richard and Denise
Burson, George and Kathie
Burton, Jan
Busch, Hays and Jacquelyn
Busch, Joey and Valerie
Buschhoff, Fred and Lynn
Butler, Charlene
Butz, Mary
Bybee, David and Susan
Byer, Steve and Genny
C&S Bowling Inc.,
Cable, Dick and Barbara
Caddell, Robert
Cain, Jeffrey
Caldwell, Bill and Kathy
Calhoun, Sonja
Call, Larry and Ethyll
Callor, Paul
Campbell, Bob and Nancy
Campbell, Brian and Marilynn
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, James and Janice
Campbell, Keith and Lindsay
Campbell, William and Geraldine
Canfield, David
Canges, Stephen
Capital Group American Funds,
Carl, Earnest
Carlson, Carole
Carlson, Constance
Carlson, Kendall
Carlson, Linda
Carlson, Ronald and Virginia
Carlson, Terry and Janet
Carmann, Kenneth
Carpenter, Jack and Darlene
Carpenter, William
Carroll, James and Kathryn
Carry, Kathleen
Carry, Michael and Terri
Carson, Elizabeth and William
Carson, Holly
Carson, Mark and Margaret
Carter-Duff, Sandra
Carter, Judith and Charles
Cartwright, Bill and Cindy
Case, Alan
Casebolt, James
Casorso, Karl and Karen
Casson, Jean
Castle, Richard and Peggy
Chabon, Deborah and John
Chamberlain, Richard and Janet
Chambers, Tom and Susan
Champion, David
Chandler, Lori
Chappelow, Jeri
Charles A. Micale Foundation,
Charles, Betty
Charnes, Barbara and Alan
Chase, James and Roberta
Chernosky, Jean
Chittick, Christine and Stephen
Chow, Allan and Cindy
Christenbury, Anthea
Christensen, Dennis
Christensen, Kay
Christensen, Linwood
Christiansen, G L
Christopher, Jay and Cheryl
Churchley, Theresa
Ciccolo, David and Kris
Claassen, David and Dee
Clapp, Martinelle
Clark, Andy and Karen
Clark, Dean
Clark, Marjorie
Clark, Pauline and Noel
Clark, Peter
Clark, Robert and Kathleen
Clark, Tom
Clary, Paul
Claspell, Tom and Margaret
Clausen, Alan and Trudi
Clauss, Greg and Debbie
Clem, Sue
Cline-Buffy, Janet
Cline, Carol
Clinton, Marjorie
Cliydesdale, James and Linda
Closs, Thomas and Janis
Clow, Ethel
Coak-Mouton, Denise
Coak, Debra
Coak, Essie
Cobb, Warren and Claudette
Coben, Larry and Rhoda
Cochran, Mary Ellen
Cochran, Ted and Patricia
Cockerham, Kirby and Mary Eleanor
Coe-Withington, Patricia
Cohen, Allan
Cohen, Lynn
Cohen, Robert
Colao, Kathleen
Colbert, Gary
Cole, Alan
Coll, Hank and Betty
Collins, Jeanne
Collins, Moira
Collins, Robert and Elaine
Collins, Vicki
Colvett, Carol
Colwell, James and Claudia
Condon, James and Adrienne
Conforti, Lynn
Conley, Unni
Conn, Ronald
Connelly, Chris
Connole, Tom and Ellen
Conover, Alan and Karen
Conquest, Shirley
Conrad, Earl
Conwick, Kevin and Virgina
Cook, Barbara
Cook, Philip and Karen
Cook, Richard and Barbara
Cooke, Gertrude
Coons, Teresa
Cooperman, Bob and Beth
Coppock, Carol
Coppola, Tony
Corbett, Kelly
Corbetta, Richard and Margaret
Corcoran, Kelly
Cordova, Onesimo and Irene
Coren, Shirley
Corkill, David
Corsello, Catherine and Philip
Corsello, Frances
Coryell, John and Sheri
Costantino, Sharon and Marshall
Cotton, Ann
Courkamp, Scott
Coutts, Davene
Couturier, Stephen
Cowan, Beverly
Cowdin, Jane
Cowen, Richard and Gloria
Cowgill, Courtney
Cox, Bette and Jerald
Cox, Judy
Cox, Lisa
Cox, Susan
Craft, Dianne and Ronald
Cram, Lona
Cran, Ruth
Crandell, Rick and Janelle
Crawford, Mike
Crawford, William and Joada
Crawley, Kathy
Creason, Dolores
Cresanta, Nick and Ava
Crichton, Sue
Crisci, John
Crispe, Phyllis
Crouse, Susan
Crow, Mark and Nancy
Crowley, John and Ruth
Cuevas, Aurora
Cullip, John and Cynthia
Culp, Mike
Culver, Anne
Cummings, Dan
Cunningham, Susan
Curlee, Mary and Charlie
Curran, Corinne
Curran, JoAnne
Cushing, Mary and Doug
Cushing, Richard
Cushing, Ronald
Custer, Bonnie
Cygan, Norbert and Royann
Czarnecki, Bob
Dahl, Thomas
Daily, Laura
Daily, Marilyn
Dalby, Gordon and Alice
Dandy, David
Darby, Gary and Loisann
Darfler, Gary
Darling, Nicolett
Darzins, Erik and Melissa
Daubenspeck, Andrew
Davalos, Jo-Ann
Davidson, James
Davidson, Sheryl and Dave
Davis, E. M.
Davis, Judith
Davis, Robert
Davis, Stuart
Day, Dorine
Day, Michael and Glenna
Dayhoff, Dolores
Dayhuff, Gloria
De Bane, Lougene and Dennis
De Fries, Sandra
De May, Jan
Deal, Ronald
Dean, Emily
Dean, James and Gail
Dean, Kathy
Dean, Mary
Dean, Roy and Alice
Deasy, Claudia
Debner, David
Debrunner, Peter and Sigrid
DeCicco, Edward and Ann
Decker, Dorothy
Dedio, John and Irmgard
Del Rio-Daily, Ascension
Del Valle, Mary Ellen
Dell, William
Demos, Janet
Denison, Edward and Gerri
Dennis, Beverly and Everett
Dennis, Kurt and Shelby
Dennison, Kristine
Denton, Darrel and Mary Ellen
Denver Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Iota,
Derosear, Ann
Desantis, Tom
Detar, George and Sarah
DeTemple, Julie
Deuell, Sharon
Devine, Donna
DeWinter, Terry and Pat
Dewlaney, Peter and Suzanne
Di Rito, Thomas and Diana
Dice, Christine
Dickerman, Elizabeth
Diehl, Ben and Christine
Diehl, Mary
Dietz, Larry and Judith
Dikeou, Andrea
Dineen, Constance
Dingae, Theodora
Dinner, Bernice
Dionese, Marla
DiOrio, Nicholas
DiRenzo, Debbie
Dishong, Dion
Dixon, Mary
Doctorian, Sonya
Dodson, Eve
Dolson, Susan and Chris
Dominguez, Larry
Donahue, Ralph and Carol
Donaldson, Jon and Terre
Donegan, Robert
Doner, Mary
Donnelly, Dwight and Karen
Donor, Karen
Donovan, Edward and Susan
Donovan, Elizabeth
Dooley, Terence
Dory, George and Lynda
Dossett, David and Michele
Dotsch, Marcella
Dotson, William
Doucette, John and Helga
Dougherty, Mark and Carla
Douglas, Elaine
Dowell, Dan and Linda
Downie, Wendy and Peter
Downing, Linda
Drake, Gary and Janet
Drake, Thomas and Vicki
Dreblow, Ted and Bonnie
Dreger, Jon and Mary
Dreier, Wilhelmina
Dreisbach, Lenore
Dreux, Charles and Mary Jo
Drexler, Steve and Mary Ann
Droste, Anthony and Valerie
Dudley, Park
Duer, Kay
Duffner, Barbara
Duman, Lynne
Duncan, Chris and Paul
Duncan, Georgia
Dunevitz, Burton and Barbara
Dunn Lewis, Mark and Susan
Dunn, Ernest and Elaine
Durbin, Madeline and Charles
Dusek, Connie and Bud
Duvall Family Foundation,
Dvorak, Neil and Janet
Dwyer, Daniel
Dykstra, Don and Lori
Dywer, Tom
Eakins, George and Joan
Eastlund, Marjorie
Eaton, Gareth and Sandra
Eberhard, Peter and Katherine
Ebert, Leslie
Echtermeyer, Don and Pat
Ecoff, Louise
Edmonds, Diane
Edstrom, David and Joyce
Edward, Marianne
Edwards, Barbara
Edwards, Gary and Maureen
Edwards, John
Edwards, Katherine
Edwards, Patty
Edwards, Stanley
Eggleston, Richard
Eichler, Mary
Eifler, Phyllis
Eiseman, Howard
Eldredge, John
Eldridge, Nancy
Eley, and Judith
Eley, Judith
Eller, Eileen
Ellerhorst, Daniel and Lucinda
Ellis, Rebecca
Ellis, Ronald
Ellis, Vernon and Dorothy
Ells, Robert and Barbara
Elmblad, Trudy
Else, Ronald and Nina
Elsen, Chuck and Judy
Emerson, William and Teresa
Emrich, Gary and Kathleen
Emswiller, Nancy
Engel, Ellen
Engel, Joyce
England, Marshall
Engle, Jane
Engleman, Sherry
Engler, Herb and Yvonne
Englert, Barbara
Epstein, Ruth
Erdmann, Richard
Erickson, Lydia and Harvey
Ericson, Judy and Dean
Erlewine, Lucille and Gale
Ernenwein, Richard
Ernstsen, Mike and Joanne
Erskine, Christopher
Eskandari-Gharnin, Carole
Eskildson, Marilyn
Eskoz, Patricia
Esmaili, Albert
Esquibel, Emilio
Estrem, Philip and Joyce
Eubank, Doreen
Evans, Clifford and Susan
Evans, Roy
Evans, Susan
Evans, Ulla-Britt
Everhart, Polly
Everhart, Richard and Marlene
Ewing, Bayard
Ezra, David
Fabian, Robert and Gabriele
Fairweather, Graeme
Falagrady, Barney
Falco, Peter and Joyce
Fallin, Deborah
Fallin, Deborah and John
Fallows, Thomas
Fanganello, Joseph
Fanning, Catherine
Farmer, Larry and Maureen
Farnsworth, Carolyn
Farris, Hedwig
Fattor, Jim
Faulkner, Ronald and Joan
Fawaz, Marwan and Patsy
Feakes, Glen and Joncee
Fechtner, Robert and Sharon
Fecko, Donald and Marianne
Fee, Margaret and Peter
Feely, Rich
Feeney, Terence
Fein, Nancy
Feller, Karl and Marlis
Feltham, Andrew
Fendrich, Steven
Fenili, Mary Lou
Fenton, James and Laura
Ferguson, Doris
Ferris, Lawrence and Sharon
Fessler, Daniel
Ficco, Suzann
Figliolino, Tom and Kim
Fike, Duane and Ruthita
Finesilver, Beth
Finn, Carol
Fischer, Ronald
Fisher, David and Laura
Fitzgerald, Jeraldine and Mike
Fitzgerald, Kevan
Fitzgerald, Patricia
Fitzpatrick, Jody
Fixler, Jill and Peter
Flaherty, Janet and Dennis
Flahive, Douglas and Barbara
Flansburg, Gary and Mary
Fleckenstein, Ann
Flom, Marv and Lisa
Flood-Speidel, Patricia
Flook, Judy
Flora, Mark
Flowers, James and Diana
Floyd, Dennis and Virginia
Flynn, Kathy
Follett, Robert and Nancy
Forber, Susan
Ford, Barbara
Forker, Jim and Jennifer
Forker, Lee
Forster, Robert and Janet
Foster, Cliff
Foster, Jim
Fowler, Patricia
Fox, Ann
Fox, Dyanne
Fox, Kenneth
Fox, Perry and Dianna
Frank and Marjorie Braisted Fund,
Frank, Keith and Connie
Franklin, Scott
Franks, Nancy
Franzen, Mark
Frederick, Marie
Frederickson, Elmer and Janice
Fredrick, Sharon
Freed, Mike and Gina
Freeman, Arden and Pamela
Freeman, Dirk and Louise
Freese, Sigrid
Frenette, Gregory and Ronda
Frickel, Don and Carole Sue
Frie, Robert and Candy
Friedland Construction,
Friedland, Gary and Janet
Friedland, Richard and Lois
Froman, Dennis and Jane
Fry, Charles
Fryar, Laura
Frye, Deborah
Fuchser, Mr. and Mrs.
Fuchser, Mr. and Mrs. Fuchser
Fuester, Donna
Fugita, Jef and Jen
Fuhrman, Jo
Fuiks, Russell and Janet
Fulenwider, Cal
Fullen, Jeannene and George
Fuller, Kathy
Funk, Barbara
Furay, Joseph and Joann
Furman, Sheila and Joe
Furtak, Kay and Tom
Gaines, Elbert
Galaty, Richard and Deborah
Galbreath, Jim
Gale, Lorraine
Galgocy, Jeffry and Susan
Gallegos, Bertha
Gallegos, Gary
Gallensky, Neil and Alison
Gallivan, Lyle and Mary
Gallup, Marianne and Lelland
Games, Jean
Gamueda, Ernest
Gandera, Bill and Wynn
Gangadharan, Geetha
Gangolli, Vinata
Garcia, David and Ernestine
Gardetto, Bernard
Gardner, Bruce and Mary
Garment, Jeane and John
Garramone-Mason, Lynne
Garrett, Bettye
Garrett, Brian and Meg
Garrett, Jim and Donna
Garrett, Ronald
Garrison, Lester
Garrod, Kelly and Maria
Garvin, Philip
Gast, Richard
Gates, Caleb and Sidney
Gates, Mitchell and Victoria
Gaul, Dave and Laura
Gearhart, Greg and Sue
Gearke, Larry and Barbara
Geiger, Judith
Gelbach, Ginny
Gelbhaus, Roy and Nancy
George, Nancy
Geppert, Carl
Germann, Gertrud and Vitus
Getter, Renee
Gettys-Bryant, Donna
Geyer, Joyce and Albert
Giarratana, Connie
Gibbons, Kathy
Gibbs, Carol
Gibbs, Paul and Barbara
Gibson, George
Gieges, Jim
Gilbert, Caroline
Gilbert, Lloyd
Gilbert, Mike and Cathy
Gilbertson, Paul and Phyllis
Gilchrist, Kay
Giles, David and Laura
Giles, Lynn and Beth
Gilfillan, Ruth
Gille, Rachel
Gillice, Robert and Maxyne
Gillmor, Barbara
Gingerich, Dave
Giordano, Thomas and Pam
Gipple, Joanne
Gits, Vicky
Giuliani, Lynn and Charles
Givens, Bobby and Cher
Glascoff, Peggy
Glasgow, Eugene and Kathleen
Glasgow, Lillian and Karl
Glasmann, Kathy and Thomas
Glassburn, Larry
Glassman, Barbara
Glick, Amy
Glick, David
Glissmann, Greg and Renee
Glover, Robert
Goberis, Michael and Barbara
Godfrey, Karon and Lanny
Goings, Bill and Denise
Gold, Glenn and Lynn
Goldberg, Hanna
Golden, Kathy
Golding, Gerald
Goldstein, Judy
Good, Mel and Pat
Goodenbour, Loretta
Goodman, Phyllis
Goodstein, Andy and Val
Goodwin, Mary and Ron
Goodwin, Mona
Gordon, Cindy
Gordon, Peggy
Gorgas, Carmen
Gorman, Mary Rose
Gould, Sue
Gowan, Michael and Susan
Gradoville, Gary and Jean
Graen, Douglas
Graham, Robert and Penny
Graham, Shirley
Grandys-Jones, Nancy
Grange, James and Pamela
Granner, Don and Sandy
Grant, Athol and Ann
Grant, Cecily
Grattet, Jean
Graves, Richard and Catharine
Graves, Ruth
Gravlin, Steven
Gray, Diane
Gray, Louan
Green, Greg and Arlene
Green, Sondra
Green, Susan and William
Greenbaum, Robert and Ann
Greenberg, Menucha
Greenspon, Michael and Nancy
Greenstein, Michael and Harriet
Gregory, Joseph and Tracy
Gregory, Nancy and Russ
Greichen, Jim and Pat
Greisen, Carol
Greivel, Stephen and Margaret
Gretz, Darrell and Lavonne
Greve, Karl
Grewe, Jerry and Sallie
Grey, Linda and Terry
Griek, Tom and Jill
Griffin, George and Linda
Griffin, Sharon and Martin
Griffin, Stephen
Griffith, Chris
Griffith, Ruth
Griffiths, Mark
Grigsby, Bill and Barbara
Grillo, Susan
Grippe, Andrea
Gross, David
Grove, Hugh and Nancy
Grove, Scott and Kimberly
Grover, Arthur
Grover, Fred
Grow, Ronald and Elnore
Gubanich, Carol and Edmund
Gueck, Howard and Jean
Guerin, Rhoda
Guldbrandsgaard, Per
Guminski, Liane
Gunderson, Peter
Gunther, Ida
Gurtler, Gary
Gustafson, Madie
Gustek, Edward and Elizabeth
Gutenplan, Lauren
Gutin, Raymond and Linda
Gutjahr, Harold and Ilene
Guy, Sharron
Guyerson, Michael and Wendy
Gwynn, Robert
Haacke, Jon and Mary
Haas, Michael
Habercorn, Albert
Haberman, Ann
Haferland, Barbara
Hagen, James
Hagen, Stephen and Patricia
Haggerty, Louise
Hahn, Laurie
Haines, Charles and Suzanne
Haldi, Nancy and Nancy
Haley, Kathleen
Halgren, Lee and Johanna
Hall, David and Diane
Hall, Harriet
Hall, Jane
Hall, Larry
Hall, Wayne
Halstedt, Susan
Hamel, Justin
Hamilton, Bryce
Hammond, Karen
Hammons, Willis and Paula
Hampstead, Roberta and Laura
Hancock, Jean
Hancock, Julie
Hanna, Earl and Rhonda
Hansen, Bert and Diane
Hansen, Christie
Hansen, David and Sandra
Hansen, Marilyn and Norm
Hansen, Mary
Hansen, Pamela
Hanson, Robin
Happel, Dilsha
Harding, Yvonne
Hardy, Kaaren
Hardy, Lanae
Hardy, Melody and Timothy
Harenberg, Paul
Harms, Greg
Harnagel, Marna
Harnish, Michael
Harp, Richard
Harrell, Barbara
Harrington, Martin and Julie
Harris, Curt and Barb
Harris, Dan and Helen
Harris, Mike
Harris, Susan
Harris, William and Pamela
Harrison, Benjamin
Hartman, Margaret
Hartman, Mary
Hartmann, James and Martha
Hartong, Edith
Hartsen, Kim
Harvey, James and Bob
Harvey, Janet
Hasfjord, Kathi
Haskell, Philip and Robin
Hasper, Jeff
Hastert, James and Mary
Hasty, James
Hauer, Skip
Haverkamp, Albert and Carol
Havey, Eileen
Hay, Deanna
Hay, Jeffrey and Mary Ann
Hayat, Linette
Hayes, Carolee and John
Hayes, Claire and James
Hayes, Fred and Linda
Hayes, Ruth
Haygood, Sammy
Hayman, Mark and Shannan
Haywood, Debra and Bradford
Hazel, Alison
Hazlet, Carol and Pete
HCA Caring for the Community,
Hea, Monique
Healey, Laurel
Healy, Richard
Hearlihy, Timothy and Laura
Hebdon, John and Marie
Hebert, Fred and Kathleen
Hebert, James
Heffern, Jennifer and Dennis
Heffernan, Joseph and Janet
Heggem, Dan and Laura
Heiberg, Elvin and Beth
Heid, Ernest and Kathleen
Heidt, David and Marjean
Hein, Linda and Rick
Hein, Roger and Eliza
Heinemann, Colleen and Thomas
Heinz, Mr. and Mrs.
Heinz, Mr. and Mrs. Heinz
Helmkamp, Stan and Lila
Heman, William
Hempton, Marilyn
Henderson, John and Sue
Henderson, Paul and Jo Lynne
Hendricks, Charles and Donna
Hendrickson, Tasandre
Hendrix, Stephen and Lynne
Henninger, Doug and Maddie
Henry, Mike and Linda
Henthorn, Faye
Herbst, Howard and Barbara
Herman, Joel
Hernandez, Dolores
Hernandez, Jacinto and Pamela
Herndon, Cynthia
Hershberger, Lola
Hershfeldt, Joe and Jeanette
Hershfeldt, Pat
Herzog, Sara
Hess, Mary
Hesse, Margaret
Heuer, Steven
Hewett, Thomas and Renata
Heyman, Ernest
Hickman, Rex
Higginbotham, Bob and Margaret
Higginbottom, Susi
Higgins, Charlene
Higgins, Peg and Kevin
Hildebrandt, Janet
Hildreth, Martha
Hill, Jeffrey
Hill, Nancy and Thomas
Hill, Thane
Hillman, Daniel
Hilton, Leslie
Himes, Gerry and Mary Ann
Hinckley, William and Susan
Hinman, Greg
Hirschfeld, Barry and Arlene
Hirt, Margaret
Hix, Robert and Christine
Hjelle, Joni
Hodge, Sarah
Hodgson, Brian
Hodgson, Debra
Hoff, Diana
Hoff, John
Hoffman, Dan
Hoffman, Lynn and Kevin
Hoffman, William
Hofmann, Shelley
Hofmeir, Darla
Hogan, Susan
Hohn, Roy and Arlene
Holman, Margaret
Holman, Richard and Janet
Holmes, Douglas and Nan
Holt, Grace and Kent
Holt, Karla
Hombs, Karen
Homyak, Michael
Hood, Jon and Destyn
Hope, Thomas and Susan
Hopkins, Maryjane
Hoppe, Jessica
Hora, Susan and Ronald
Horlbeck, William and Anne
Horn, Marvin
Horsley, Josephine and H.T.
Hoskins, John and Mary
Hosteler, Sandy
Hovanec, John and Linda
Howard, Suzanne
Howe, Dennis and Judith
Howe, Larry and Jane
Howell, Barbara
Howell, Duane and Katherin
Howie, David
Howland, Kristin
Hoyt, Jim and Holly
Hranac, John and Kelly
Hubbard, Kenneth
Hubert, Judith
Hudon, William and Sheilagh
Huffman, Ed and Judy
Hughes, Eileen
Hughes, Richard
Hughes, Sarah and Dale
Hughes, William and Michele
Huhn, David and Jane
Hulick, John and Linda
Humphrey, Craig and Cindy
Humphryes, Janet and Alan
Huner, George and Marcia
Hung, Hiroko
Hunting, Anne
Huntington, Dee
Hurd, Jeff and Cheryl
Hurd, Steven
Hurley, Karen
Huskey, Mireya
Hutchinson, Vicki
Hutchison, Dave and Judith
Hux, Retha
Hynan, Tom
Hynes, Marcia and James
Icenogle, Mary
Igals, Dagmara
Iisa, Kristiina
Ilko, Jane
Immele, Jackie and John
Imming, Susan
In Honor Of Adams, Terry
In Honor Of Allison, Eugene
In Honor Of Anderson, Charles
In Honor Of Antony, S. P.
In Honor Of Battle, Ed
In Honor Of Beaton, Ann
In Honor Of Chaput, Martha Karnopp and Jim
In Honor Of Clapp, Russell
In Honor Of Clydesdale, Mary and Robert
In Honor Of Copp, Pamela
In Honor Of Crispin, Rosalie
In Honor Of Daily, Toby
In Honor Of Doss, Marilyn
In Honor Of Eakle, Bob & Thelma
In Honor Of Edwards, Adah
In Honor Of Engman Family,
In Honor Of Evans, Gem
In Honor Of Family, Wilson
In Honor Of Figler, Chuck
In Honor Of Griek, Jillian
In Honor Of Gromowsky, William
In Honor Of Hilgers, Jim
In Honor Of Horsley, Howard
In Honor Of James, Elijah
In Honor Of Johnson, Merle
In Honor Of Kent, Dolores
In Honor Of Lauman, Courtney
In Honor Of Law, Lachlan
In Honor Of Lease, Michael
In Honor Of Levine, Sophie
In Honor Of Lynch, Lisa & Jimmy
In Honor Of Maestas, Al & Rita
In Honor Of Maestas, Albert
In Honor Of McGillivray, Don
In Honor Of Murray, William
In Honor Of Nass, Reta
In Honor Of Peterson, Lois
In Honor Of Pickering, Dee
In Honor Of Pickering, Rick
In Honor Of Pickering, Rick and Dee
In Honor Of Racey, Stewart
In Honor Of RTR & PP Team,
In Honor Of Sanders, Amber and Fred
In Honor Of Saucke Parents,
In Honor Of Shore, Dolores
In Honor Of Sileo, Sophia and Makayla
In Honor Of Singleton, Dean
In Honor Of Smigel, June
In Honor Of Smith, Chris and Amy
In Honor Of Stall, Else
In Honor Of Stall, Henry
In Honor Of Stevens, Jerrold
In Honor Of Talbott, Kathryn
In Honor Of Tucker, Jean
In Honor Of Wilson Family,
In Honor Of Wolfe, Jan and Bruce
In Memory Of -, Megan
In Memory Of Akers, Dave
In Memory Of Alexander, Dick
In Memory Of Arnold, Donald
In Memory Of Bastiano, Dr. and Mrs. Richard
In Memory Of Becker, Vic
In Memory Of Boardman, John & Almeda
In Memory Of Boxell, Jim
In Memory Of Brayton, Rich
In Memory Of Bruno, George, Bernice & Ron
In Memory Of Byer, DeEtte
In Memory Of Call, Lyle
In Memory Of Cash, Jim and David
In Memory Of Casner, Frank and Lowell
In Memory Of Cella, Paul and Mary
In Memory Of Champion, Doyle and Ila
In Memory Of Clark, Craig
In Memory Of Cowan Eaton, John
In Memory Of Cox, Suzanne
In Memory Of Darfler, Jody
In Memory Of Diss Sabin, Eleanor
In Memory Of Dreblow, Charity
In Memory Of Dykstra, Soren
In Memory Of Eifler, Larry
In Memory Of Ely, Gordon
In Memory Of Feely, Mary Ellen
In Memory Of Frederickson Browning, Kimberly
In Memory Of Gieges, Lynne
In Memory Of Gobillot, Fred and Jeannie
In Memory Of Guminski, Albert
In Memory Of Hawah, George P. and Mrs. Beatrice E.
In Memory Of Hayat, David and Fortunee
In Memory Of Heiniger, Keith
In Memory Of Herrera, Zeke
In Memory Of Johnson, Nina and Orval
In Memory Of Jones, Glenn and Betty
In Memory Of Jones, Robert
In Memory Of Joy, Patricia
In Memory Of Koch, Andrew
In Memory Of Kramer, Eric
In Memory Of Kreutzer, Mary
In Memory Of Kriese, Russell
In Memory Of Kropf, Robert
In Memory Of Krovitz, Buzz
In Memory Of Ladwig, Myrtle
In Memory Of Lawrence, Matthew
In Memory Of Liddell, Rose
In Memory Of Lindner, Victor
In Memory Of Lindsley, Craig
In Memory Of Mann, Jeffrey
In Memory Of Marse, Merle and Enid
In Memory Of Mathew, and Forest
In Memory Of McGuire, Christine
In Memory Of McLaughlin, Garry
In Memory Of Miller, Laurel
In Memory Of Monley, Cynthia
In Memory Of Nelson, Cynthia
In Memory Of Newland, Tami Jo
In Memory Of Nichalson, Steve and Ben
In Memory Of Nichols, Douglas
In Memory Of Obert, Laura Anne
In Memory Of Ordway, Christy
In Memory Of Papazian, Harold
In Memory Of Papiernik, Dennis
In Memory Of Pardee, James
In Memory Of Pellistri, Elizabeth
In Memory Of Peterson, Erma
In Memory Of Peterson, Percy
In Memory Of Pitchford Woods, Leslie
In Memory Of Polak, Frank and Lena
In Memory Of Polzin, John Michael Allen
In Memory Of Race, Dean
In Memory Of Read, Isabel
In Memory Of Reid, Carolyn
In Memory Of Robinson, Charles
In Memory Of Robinson, Gene W. and Mrs. Harriet P.
In Memory Of Robinson, Hank
In Memory Of Robinson, Stephen
In Memory Of Romeo, Wanda
In Memory Of Ross, Michael
In Memory Of Ruibal, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Amadeo
In Memory Of Rumin, Howard and Anne
In Memory Of Schwarz, Ruth
In Memory Of Sherman, Martin and Charlene Bry
In Memory Of Siemro, Fred and Erna
In Memory Of Smith, Vivian
In Memory Of Speidel, Paul David
In Memory Of Spencer, Carolyn Mae
In Memory Of Stables, Ryan
In Memory Of Strawn, Noni
In Memory Of Tarvestad, Loren
In Memory Of Thompson, Stuart
In Memory Of Tsuchiya, Fumi
In Memory Of Utz, Garry and Chris
In Memory Of Valenti, Joseph
In Memory Of Valley, Nina
In Memory Of Vogel, George and Vetta
In Memory Of Waller, Thomas
In Memory Of Walter, Earle & David
In Memory Of Ward, Matthew and Forest
In Memory Of Webley, Mary Catherine
In Memory Of Whitfield, Steven
In Memory Of Woodford, Marty
In Memory Of Zavodny, Mitzi and Elizabeth
Indergand, Robert and Karen
Inman, Marjorie
Iovin, Jim and Diane
Ireland, Margaret
Isely, Kemper and Virginia
Isselhard, Sue
Italiano, Louis
Iten, Cheryl
ITW Foundation 3-For-1 Matching Gift Program,
J. F. Mills/Worldwide,
J.F. Mills/Worldwide,
Jaccaud, Monica and Richard
Jackson, Charles and Joan
Jackson, Jane
Jackson, Janis
Jackson, Sylvia
Jacobs, Nancy
Jacobsen, Chris
Jacobsen, Jan and Jake
Jacobson, Jim and Karen
Jacoby, Robert
Jaenke, Lynn
Jakubcin, Robert
Jakubowski, Lorraine
James, Bill and Debra
James, Tracy
Jameson, Reese
Jamieson, Bruce and Sue
Janczy, Marilyn and John
Jansch, Charles and Carol
Janssen, Frederick and Joann
Janus Henderson Foundation,
Jaramillo, Bobbie
Jarboe, JoLynn
Jarman, Sarah
Jarvis, David
Jasica, Jeffrey
Jasica, Jeffrey and Eileen
Javer, Joel
Javernick, Jules and Keith
Javernick, Karen
Jefferson, Michael and Joy
Jeffrey, Mary
Jennings, Betty
Jennings, Irene
Jennings, Patricia
Jensen, Diane
Jensen, Kathleen
Jerman, Carolyn
Jesperson, Daryl and Nancy
Jewell, Linda
Jewish Colorado,
Jezek, Chris
Jilek, Joyce and Rick
Jindrich, Nancy
Jockell, Karl and Donna
Johansson, Steven
Johnson, Arvid and Janet
Johnson, Brooke
Johnson, Bruce and Carmen
Johnson, Carol
Johnson, Carol and Harold
Johnson, Cindy and Merlin
Johnson, Donna
Johnson, Eric and Kate
Johnson, Frederick
Johnson, Gerald and Marlene
Johnson, Janet and Wallace
Johnson, Jared
Johnson, Kay
Johnson, Linda
Johnson, Lisa
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Tim and Bev
Johnson, Tom
Johnson, Will and Marcia
Johnston, Dick and Mary Anne
Johnston, Jane
Johnstone, Bruce
Jolas, Philip and Lucy
Jonasson, Jean and David
Jones, Anne
Jones, David and Mary Jo
Jones, David and Meridith
Jones, Dorothy
Jones, Florence
Jones, Judith
Jones, Melanie and Gary
Jones, Paul and Karen
Jones, Richard and Linda
Jones, Ronald and Jeanie
Jones, Shirley
Jones, Stanley
Jones, Thomas
Jordan, Linda
Joselyn, Mary Lou
Joseph, Judith
Joseph, Sam and Marianne
Joslyn, Lee and Karen
Joy, Pat
Junge, Ethel
Junk, Mary
Kacerguis, Patricia
Kachorek, Joseph
Kahl, Michael
Kaier, Cathy
Kal, Bette
Kalba, Vera
Kalwei, Carolyn
Kane, Barbara
Kaneer, Bill and Linda
Kannawin, Mary
Kantner, Carl and Mary
Kaplan, Marilynn
Karlin, Richard and Sue
Kartman, Thomas
Kaser, Andrew and Terri
Kasper, Ilene and Charlotte
Kasten, Mildred
Kastler, Mark and Pam
Katchen, Florrie
Kaufman, Deb
Kaufman, Thomas and Rosemarie
Kaufmann, Harriet
Kaveny, Patrick and Shirley
Kazel, Sharon and William
Kean, Thomas and Mary
Kearns, Jeanne
Keeling, Colleen
Keister, William
Kellenbenz, Lois
Keller, Robert and Maureen
Kelley, James
Kelley, Jan
Kelley, Karen
Kelly, Arlene
Kelly, Michael and Mary Ellen
Kelly, Patricia
Kelly, Robert and Janice
Kelminson, Jean and Leslie
Kemp, Frank
Kemper, Karen and Dennis
Kendrick, Cynthia
Kennedy, Jane
Kenney, Shirley and Gordon
Kenny, David
Kent, William
Kenyon, Robert and Nancy
Kern, Rex
Kerstein, Stanley and Susan
Kessler, Carole
Kikel, Hollie
Killenberg, Joan
Kilzer, Karen
Kimata, Glenn
Kimminau, Donald
Kimura, Jack and Alice
Kincaid, Larry and Tanya
King, Rita
King, Thomas
Kinghorn, John
Kingman, Leigh
Kinkel, Jananne
Kinney, Leo and Mary Jo
Kinney, Robert
Kinsey, Diana
Kirby, Aaron
Kirk, Carol
Kirkham, Diane
Kirkpatrick, Joyce
Kirsch, Kenneth
Kirsling, Michael and Lynn
Kirstein, Dale
Kleppen, Merlyn
Kludt, Paul and Judy
Klus, John and Shelly
Knapp, William and Patricia
Knauke, Fred and Charlotte
Knight, Ed and Sarah
Knight, Karen
Knop, Rhonda
Knott, Duncan and Dawn
Knox-Johnson, Hansa
Koch, William
Koechlein, William
Koeneke, Steve and Patricia
Koeppe, Dick and Lu
Koepping, Kevin and Donna
Koff, Robert and Freda
Kohan, Maryrose
Kohlenstein, Frank and Deb
Kohler, Judith
Koken, Richard and Jody
Kolaczkowski, Alan and Marianne
Koloditch, Peter and Shiela
Koniz, Stan and Kathy
Koontz, Ed
Koontz, Kathryn
Kopatich, Kenneth and Jo Ellen
Korosec, Julie
Koski, Arthur and Suzanne
Kottmann, Brenda
Kouba, Melody
Kowalchik, Walter and Carolyn
Kowalski, Rita
Krabbenhoft, Mark and Linda
Kraft, Michael and Cindy
Kraft, Sumner and Patricia
Krajewski, Kevin
Kramer, Dann
Kramer, Edwin and Joyce
Kramer, Elaine
Kramer, John and Sharon
Kramer, Mark
Krebs, Audrey
Krebs, Linda
Kreider, Elizabeth
Kress, George and Marilyn
Kricke, Robert
Krieg, William
Kriese, Gertrude
Kroll, Joyce
Kron, Hugh and Paula
Kropf, Linda
Krug, Vicki
Krugman, Jim and Vicki
Kruzick, Matt
Kucera, JoAnn
Kudla, Susan
Kuettel, Trudi and Bernard
Kuhlmann, Darwin and Barbara
Kuhn, David
Kuhn, Ronne
Kull, Lloyd and Cynthia
Kulling, William
Kunkel, James and Jeanne
Kunselman, Rex and Jacalyn
Kyle, Sharon
Kysar Bickham, Jo Ann
LaBarge, Kathleen and Robert
Lacey, Ann
Lackner, Doris
Lackner, Robert and Patricia
Ladd, John and Liza
Lafley, Robert
Lafollette, John
LaFond, Richard and Ann
Lager, Bert and Dolly
Lalan, Judy and Gregory
Lamb, Frank and Karen
Lamb, Robert
Lamiell, Cheryl
Lammermann, Christina and Stephen
Lancaster, Donald and Carolyn
Lanctot, Tom and Margaret
Landes, Burrell and Sharon
Lane-Daigle, Sandra
Lane, Chris and Lindsey
Laney, Anne
Lang, Jacqueline
Lang, Thomas
Langley, James and Laurie
Lantz, Ron and Margie
Lantz, Sharon
Larke, Frederick
LaRocco, Paul and Marilee
Larremore, Ted
Larsen-McKaig, Susan
Lasher, Robert and Gay
Lasky, Joseph and Beatrice
Lass, Steve and Janice
Lassen, Carol
Lauman, Richard and Barbara
Laursen, Roberta
Laverty, Terry and Jean
Law, Eileen and Ed
Lawrence, Deborah
Lawrence, Steven
Lawton, Gwen
Layman, Joan
Le, Jane
Leaman, Richard
Leaver, Helen
Leavesley, George
Leavitt, Merrill
Leberer, Rosemary
Ledgerwood, Kristy
Lee, Alene
Lee, Carol
Lee, Diane
Lee, Ron and Peri
Lee, Taffy and Richard
Leeper, Sara
Lees, Fred and Marilyn
Leever, Ronald
Lehigh, Anne and John
Lehti, Helen
Lehti, Manuela and Richard
Leib, Jeff
Leibbrandt, Joyce
Leigh, Bruce and Jean
Lemon, Phyllis and Dallas
Lenoue, Dale and Emily
Lente, Kitt
Leritz, John
Lerner, Douglas
Leslie, John and Sharon
LeTerneau, John and Elizabeth
Levey, Robert and Carol
Levi, Thomas and Margaret
Levinson, Carol
Levinson, Simon
Levy, Andrew and Alice
Levy, Beatrice
Levy, Jim
Levy, Michael and Julie
Levy, Norman and Sandy
Levy, Stephan
Lewis, Kirk and Barbara
Lewkowitz, Eudice
Licko, David and Elaine
Liggett, Mark and Lorraine
Lightstone, Hank
Lilley, Katherine
Lilley, Wes and Pat
Lillie, David
Lind, Robert and Joann
Lindner, Vicki
Lindsey, David and Barbara
Linkhart, Brian and Marlene
Liston, Dorothy
Litvak, Joni and Larry
Litvak, Sylvia
Live Nation Worldwide Inc,
LiveNation Worldwide Inc.,
Livingston, Wally and Virginia
Lockhart, Ann
Loechel, Patricia
Loendorf, Greg and Emily
Logan, Tom and Judy
Logan, Wendell and Vincie
Logel, Judith and Robert
Lohr, Barbara and David
Lohr, Roberta
Lombardo, Karen and Stephen
Long, Elaine
Long, Jane
Long, Karen
Longfellow, Gail
Lookner, Cecilia
Loomis, Lucy
Loomis, Zedell
Lopez, Fred
Lopez, Helen
Lord, Kathleen
Loth, Andrew
Lothrop, Michael
Loughry, Andrea
Lovato, Connie
Love, Lynda and Brian
Lovelace, Donald and Jeaneel
Lowe, Michael and Joy
Lowry, Jon
Lowy, Karen
Luallen, Dean
Lubline, Marc
Lucero, Cipriano
Luck, David
Luckow, Warren
Luey, Ben
Lund, Jenelle
Lupe, Bob and Carolyn
Lurie, Mari
Lutomski, Debora
Lutrell, Jerry
Luttrell, Kathleen
Lutz, Judy
Lyle, William and Lynda
Lynch, Judith
Lynott, Terry
Lyon, Phil
Maccoll, Ann and Craig
MacDonald, Anita
Macdonnell, Nancy
Mackenzie, Juanita
Mackiewicz, Tom and Georgia
MacLeod, Lauren
MacNeill, Mella
Macomber, Judy
Madsen, Sally
Maginn, Shannon
Maher, Philip and Carlene
Mahler, Sharon
Mai, Charlotte
Maikovich, Marsha and Bill
Malaby, Carolyn
Malcolm, John
Malden, Ancile
Malm, Joan
Maloney, Greta and Robert
Malsam, Lawrence and Katherine
Manchester, David and Catherine
Mangle, James and Joan
Manning, Kevin and Joan
Manzi, Anthony and Valorie
Marcinkowski, Lester and Linda
Marcus, Audrey
Marek, Susan
Margie Becker Storms Trust,
Marietta, Genee
Marin, Susan and Dick
Mark, Carol
Markey, Arthur and Babette
Markey, Jackie
Markle, Joan
Marks, Aileen
Marmann, Eileen
Marquez, Jose and Cherry
Marsh, Sherman and Colleen
Marshall, Don and Teresa
Martin, Amy
Martin, Janice
Martin, Jean
Martin, John
Martin, Patricia
Martin, Scott
Martin, Vicki
Martinez-Savoren, Randall and A.
Martinez, Andrew and Emily
Martinez, Barbara and John
Martinez, Erick
Martinez, Leonard and Jan
Martinez, Mary
Martinez, William and Judith
Marx, Patrick
Marzano, Jayne
Marzoni, Pettersen and Elizabeth
Mashe, Marty
Masilotti, Hugo
Maskus, Keith
Maslin, Herbert and Helen
Mason, Gerald and Bonnie
Mason, Mari-Lynn
Massey, Roger
Mather, Karen
Matthies, Floyd
Mauro, Robert and Julie
Maves, Peter
Maw, Dennis and Cheryl
Mawhinney, Bruce and Linda
May, Daniel and Anastacia
May, Elliot
May, Jeff and Karen
May, Marilyn
Maydick, Karen
Mayne, Mark and Miley
Mazzarella, Dawn
McBee, Douglas
McBride, Judith
McBryde, Karrie and Connor
McCabe, James
McCain, Leonard
McCall, Marjorie
McCarthy, Terry
McClellan, Mary Jane
McClintic, Kelli
McCloskey, Christopher and Amy
McCloy, Verda
McClurg, Michael and Rosa
McConnell, Carla
McConnell, Lucy
McCoola, Brian
McCord, Richard and Adele
McCormick, Charles
McCormick, Jack
McCourt, Purnee and Donald
McCullough, John
McCullough, Mac and Sue
McCullough, Rosann and Gene
McCutchan, Penny and Marlin
McDanal, Michael
McDaniel, Carol
McDermott, Dirk and Carol
McDonald, Dennis and Lory
McDonnell, Jeannette
McElhinney, James and Patricia
McGann, Barbara
McGee, Michael and Eleanor
McGlochlin, Anne
McGrath, Michael and Linda
Mcgraw, Jack
McGuire, Claudia
McHugh, Bruce and Debra
McHugh, Scott
McIntyre, Mr. and Mrs. James F.
McIntyre, Mr. and Mrs. James F. McIntyre
McKenna, Maribeth and Gary
McKeown, Marilyn and Michael
McKernan, Donald and Elsie
McKibbin, Donna
McKinley, Eleanor
McLaughlin, Barbara
McLaughlin, Larry and Jeanne
McLaughlin, Lucille
McLaughlin, Patti
McMahon, Kevin and Kathy
McManus, Peggy
McMeekin, Steve and Sue
McNamara, Kathleen
McNamara, Margie
McNeill, Raymond
McPhillips, Susan
McVie, Nancy
McWhorter, Karalee
Mead, Jay and Carol
Meagher, Gabriel
Meagher, Gina
Meek, Patty
Mehringer, Laura
Mehringer, Marilyn
Meier, Jack and Thelma
Meier, Spencer and Patricia
Menardi, Bob and Betty
Mendes, Roy
Menin, Mary
Merit Financial Press Inc,
Merit Financial Press Inc.,
Merrill, Lynn
Merritt, Neona
Merschat, Rya
Meskimen, Lisa
Messa, Julie
Messer, Donald and Bonnie
Messner, John and Kathleen
Mestek, Margaret
Mestrezat, William and Elaine
Metcalf, David and Marilou
Metropulos, Mary and Peter
Metz, Michael and Elizabeth
Meunier, William and Joan
Meyer, Edward
Meyer, Phyllis
Meyer, Ronald and Jean
Meyer, Trish
Meyerson, Dianne
Michael, Alison
Michaels, Tom and Melanie
Michals, Nancy
Michel, Mimi
Michels, Marcia
Michener, Pam and Mike
Mickelson, Gordon and Jean
Middleton, Grace
Mikles, Cynthia
Miles, Helen
Milinowicz, Tom
Miller-Lutsky, Donna
Miller, Barbara and Fred
Miller, Bette
Miller, Carol
Miller, Christina
Miller, Dennis and Theresa
Miller, Dexter
Miller, Jay and Lois
Miller, Karen
Miller, Kenneth
Miller, Martha and William
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary and Stephen
Miller, Maurice and Sue
Miller, Mr. and Mrs.
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Miller
Miller, Paul and Marjorie
Miller, Ricky
Miller, Robert
Miller, Shirley
Miller, Vesta
Millican, Elena
Milligan, Nancy and Michael
Mills, Denise
Milner, Debbie
Milnes, Harriett and David
Mitchell, Deanna
Mitchell, George and Susan
Mitchell, Karen and William
Mitchell, Patrick and Marsha
Mitchell, Steve and Jisele
Mitchem, Jeff and Randi
Mobley, Joyce
Moe, Maynard and Carol
Moe, Paul and Barbara
Moehring, Roswitha
Moeller, Gloria
Moes, Catherine
Moline, Wendy
Mollicone, Mary
Mollie Mitchell and John Wilson Foundation,
Molloy, Cynthia
Molyneux, Jeff and Karen
Monroe, Don and Cherie
Monsen, Doug and Jill
Mooney, John
Moore, Andrew
Moore, Bill and Lorna
Moore, Bruce
Moore, Gerald and Barbara
Moore, Jill and Tyler
Moore, Kim
Moore, Robert and Patricia
Moore, Sherry
Moore, William and Shujin
Moran, Grace and Bill
Moran, Shirley
Morgan, Debra
Morgan, James
Morgan, Sandra
Morgan, Sharon
Moriarty, Sandra
Morneault, Carrie and Joe
Morris-Carr, Marlene
Morris, Georgana
Morrison, Nancy
Morrow, Warren
Morse Family Foundation,
Morton, Karli
Morton, Margaret
Moses, Monte
Mostow, Susan
Moyer, Thomas
Mueller, Kathryn
Mueller, Tom and Sher
Mueller, Walt and Susan
Muenstermann, Bonnie and Walter
Mulcahy, Barbara and Mike
Mulholland, Richard and Beverly
Mullen, Pat
Mullins, Manuelita
Munday, Richard
Munoz, Becky and Joe
Munro, Fred
Munro, Judith
Munz, Richard and Irma
Murphy, Beth
Murphy, Patricia
Murray, Bill and June
Murray, Dorothy
Murray, Jonathan
Musgrave, Chuck and Cinda
Musil, Dorothy
Myers, Bill and Dana
Nachtrab, Paul
Nadel, Peter
Nagata, Inge
Naiman, Pam
Naiman, Rachel
Nakai, Ruth and Thomas
Names, Dorothy
Nash, Bruce and Patricia
Nash, Phyllis
Nass, Reta
Nearpass, Gary and Sandy
Neblett, Donna
Neighbors, William
Nelson, Bob
Nelson, Donald and Jeannette
Nelson, Georgia
Nelson, Nancy and John
Neri, Joe and Sharon
Nessan, Doug
Neuman, Margaret and Cheryl
Neuwirth, Dean
Neva, Elizabeth
Neveln, Martha
New, Veronica
Newby, Blaine and Allie
Newell, Stephen
Newman, Philip
Newman, Robert
Newman, Robert and Donna
Newton, Catherine
Newton, Richard and Janet
Nguyen, Baochau
Nichalson, Mary
Nichols, Jan
Nicholson, Cynthia
Nickoloff, Janis
Nicoulin, Karen
Nicoulin, Marita
Niehaus, Honoria
Nieland, Jane
Nielsen, Claus and Barbara
Nielsen, Nancy
Niemczyk, Donald and Helen
Nieto, Epifanio
Nieves, Carmen
Nigg, Joseph
Nininger, Robert
Noble, Alan and Virginia
Noble, Shirley
Noel, Jim and Patricia
Noel, Sharon
Nofziger, Keith and Angela
Noll, Kevin
Nonnenmacher, Maryanne
Norden, Eleanor
Noreyko, Ken
Norman, Bruce and Kay
Norman, Stephen
Norris, Neletta
North, Kathy
Nowakowski, Melba
Noyes, Barbara
Nuernberger, Carl
Nugent, Ms. Margaret Nugent
Nunley, Karin and Mike
Nuss, Craig
Nutt, Connie and Frank
Oakes, Kent and Susan
Oakley, Rayda
Obermeier, Victoria
Obert, Stan and Christine
Ochsner, Robert and Shirley
Odefey, Kathleen
Odekirk, Geraldine
Oelz, David
Ogden, Marilyn
Ohi, James and Dee
Okerman, Jean
Oklar, Micheon
Olsen, Linda
Olson, Christopher and Sandy
Olson, Dave and Judy
Olson, Elaine
Olson, John
Olson, Paul and Tricia
Opp, Renee and Robert
Orazio, Gary
Ordway, John
Orendac, Catherine and Jeffrey
Orendorff, Don and Mildred
Orndorff, Virginia
Osberg, Jim and Iris
Osinski, Marlene and Douglas
Ostrom, Rodney
Oswald, Dennis
Otsuki, Steven and Priscilla
Ottinger, John and Elizabeth
Otto, Stefan and Shirley
Owens, Paul
Oxelson, Mary
Ozawa, Steve and Lorna
Pacetti, Stephen and Julianne
Page-Stevens, Nanette
Page, Weltha
Palinckx-Machut, Judith
Palinckx, James and Kay
Palius, Steve and Ann
Pane, Teri and Bob
Panter, Jack and Jacqueline
Papazian, Nancy
Papiernik, Clara
Paradis, Daniel
Pardee, Peggy
Parker, Daniel
Parker, Linda
Parker, Richard
Parker, Vaughn
Parkhill, William and Nicolette
Parkhurst, Dan
Parkinson, Jan
Parrish, Julian and Elizabeth
Pascoff, Peter and Grace
Pass, William and Coleen
Pata, Steve and Julie
Patrick, Christine
Patterson, Jean and Robert
Patterson, Judith
Patton, Jan
Paulmeno, James
Pauls, Chet
Paulsen, Susan
Pawlowski, Sue
Pazour, Jean and John
Peak, Bill and Marcia
Pearce, Perry
Pearlman, Nathan and Kerry
Pearse, Martha
Pearson, Brent
Pearson, Jeff and Jessica
Peck, Fred and Kathy
Peltier, Kristin
Peltzer, Albert
Penn, Frank and Roxanna
Pepper, David
Pepper, Joan
Perkins, Phil and Joan
Perlmeter, Stuart
Perry, Karin
Perry, Lynn
Perry, Paula
Persinger, Joan
Persinger, Maggie
Peters, Judy
Peters, Susan
Peters, Vic and Pearlmarie
Peters, William
Petersen, Darrell and Laverne
Peterson, Dean and Judith
Peterson, Florine
Peterson, Kenneth
Peterson, Peggy
Petitclerc, Joy
Petty, Gregory and Christine
Phelps, James and Lillian Sue
Phillips, Carol
Phillips, Dennis
Phillips, Richard and Ethel
Phillips, Robert
Philpott-Jones, Douglas
Phipers, Jeanne
Pickarts, Jaye
Pickering, Bruce and Pat
Pickett, Laura
Pieper & Co., Inc.,
Pierce, Cheryl and James
Pierce, Earl and Marianne
Pierce, James and Dolores
Pine, Annavene
Pinkelman, Harvey and Ann
Pinkley, Paula
Pinkston, M
Piper & Co. Inc.,
Pitchford, Paula
Pitts, James and Cathleen
Pitzer, Bonnie and Earl
Piz, Joyce
Pizzuto, Helen
Pletcher, Robert
Plocher, Bruce
Plummer, Bill and Marilyn
Poague, Monte
Poeschel, Donald
Pohlmann, Marcus
Pokrandt, Kirk and Christine
Polich, Kathryn
Polk, Pamela and Dennis
Pollard-Cole, Mattye
Polzin, Joseph
Polzin, Larry and Donna
Pope, Dianne
Poremba, Betsy and Betsy
Porsche, Jules and Margaret
Porter, Joe and Pip
Poskie, Deborah
Post, Kathleen
Pott, Rebecca
Potts, Fredrick and Barbara
Powell, Gary and Judy
Powell, Nancy
Power, Joseph
Praetorius, Jeanette and Walt
Prehn, Dan
Prehn, Janet
Prehn, Joel and Linda
Preston, Jerry and Margy
Preusser, Robert
Preyer, Judith
Price, Bill and Tracee
Price, Michael and Susan
Price, Michele and Neal
Price, Steven
Pridemore, Dwight
Primp Colour & Hair Design,
Primp Colour And Hair Design, LLC,
Princcipe, Gary and Val
Pringle, Dwight
Pritchett, Bonnie
Proffitt, Arlene and Bob
Pruisner, Darwin and CoLeen
Pugh, Diane
Pulley, Larry and Sally
Pulver, Clara
Putnam, James and Margaret
Quaglieri, John and Lynne
Quakenbush, Debbie
Queen, Carrie
Queneau, Paul and Jean
Quiat, Mindy
Quick, Ruth Ann
Quillin, Mary and Robert
Quin, James and Pamela
Quinn, Maggie
Quinn, Regis and Debra
Rabinowitz, Jay and Mindy
Race, Delpha
Racey, Jan and Dot
Radow, Richard
Radtke, Bea and Doug
Raen, Lee and Barbara
Raffa, Leila
Raich, Donna and Peter
Rainold Family Foundation,
Rains, LaRue
Ramsdale, Joseph
Ramsdell, Larry
Rankin, Arthur
Rankin, Jennifer and Mark
Rasmussen, Norman and Jo
Rassbach, Nancy
Rathbun, George and Linda
Ratkiewicz, Michael
Ratte, Frances and James
Rautio, Ann and Richard
Ravilochan, Kamasamudram
Ray, Gary and Gayle
Reade, Michael
Rebeck, Mary
Redmond, Timothy and Diane
Reed, Charles and Virginia
Reed, Melinda
Reed, Ron
Reese, Donald and Zoe
Reese, Joy
Reichman, Vic and Mary Catherine
Reid, Kerri
Reidy, Margaret
Reidy, Sonja and Gerald
Reiley, William and Ruth
Reindl, Terry
Renaissance Charitable Foundation,
Rench, Stephen
Renfro, Robert
Renne, David and Paulette
Resnick, Ronald and Rhoda
Resnik, Helen
Reusink, Arden
Reynolds, Bill
Reynolds, Denise
Reynolds, Paul and Susan
Rhodes, Joe
Rhodes, Roger and Joan
Rice, Cal and Priscilla
Rice, David and Gail
Rice, Kenneth
Rich, Connie
Richards, Mark
Richardson, Mark
Richardson, Robert and Allene
Richman, Vickie
Richmeier, Robert and Dolores
Riddo, Brigitte
Ridgley, Jennie
Riemer, Teresa
Rifkin, Stuart
Riley, David and Patty
Riley, John and Nancy
Rimel, David and Cindy
Ritz, Barbara
Rivers, James
Roach, Don and Mary
Roads, Mike and Debra
Robb, Edward
Robb, Layle
Roberts, James
Roberts, Kelly
Roberts, Linda
Roberts, Richard and Florence
Robertson, Stephen and Elizabeth
Robeson, Gesa
Robinette, Ted and Jolene
Robinson, Bobette
Robinson, Carol
Robinson, Dolores
Robinson, Jim and Kathy
Robinson, Keith and Brenda
Robitschek, Kenneth
Roble, Timothy and Beverly
Rodenberger, Jacob
Rodgers, Gayle
Rodie, Mark
Rodriguez, Donald
Roe, Anna
Roe, Gloria
Rogers, James and Tara
Rogers, Philip
Rogers, Steven
Rogers, Tom and Mary
Rolnick, Michael and Patty
Romek, Don and Sue
Romeo-Mullen, Vicki
Romero, Delbert and Carol
Ronish, Peggy
Rosenberger, Kathryn
Rosendahl, Steven
Rosenfeld, Edward and Debby
Rosinski, John and Margaret
Rosno, Caroline
Ross, Ann
Ross, Bob and Nancy
Ross, Eadie
Ross, Mary Ann
Ross, Ruth
Rossell, Judie
Rossetter, Steve and Laura
Rossi, Dean
Rossi, Michael and Christine
Rossow, Ray and Marsha
Rotenberg, Jerry
Roth, Donald and Therse
Rottman, Andrea
Rottman, Louis
Rounds, Betty
Rounds, Faye
Rounds, Nicolette
Roupp, Delbert and Joann
Rovner, Mickey and Camella
Rowe, Don
Roybal, Albert and Megan
Rozeboom, Andrew
Rozmarin, George
Rubin, Bob and Merle
Rubin, Cathy
Rubin, Kenneth
Rubner, Vicki and Paul
Ruby, Ruby
Ruchman, David and Michel
Ruger, Alison
Ruibal, Amadeo
Rumin, Judy
Rundstrom, Cynthia
Ruppel, Virginia
Rushford, Carrolle
Rusnak, Ronald
Russell, Arnold
Russell, Fae
Russell, Rosemarie
Rust, Jay and Kathleen
Ryan, Jeff
Ryan, Richard and Marge
Rye, Robert
Sabados, Randy and Julie
Salazar, Patricia
Salisbury, Dwight
Salter, Carolyn
Saltus, Kay
Salwerowicz, Patricia
Sample, Yvette and William
Samuel, David
Sanchez, Heather and Robert
Sanchez, Louis and Judith
Sanders, Beverly and Gary
Sanderson, Stuart
Sanford, Peter and Jane
Sannar, Elise
Sanness, David
Sarche, Michael and Carol
Sargent, Joseph and Tracy
Sartori, Pamela and Uwe
Sartorius, Patrick and Rosamond
Sass, John and Carol
Saucke, Kris and Scott
Sauer, Jason and Lisa
Saunders, Barbara and William
Saunders, Sheila
Savage, Greg and Irene
Sawyer, Saskia
Sawyer, Susan
Sayas, Connie and Patrick
Scally, Katherine
Schaap, Larry
Schachterle, David and Carolyn
Schaecher, Susan
Schaefer, Michael
Schaeffer, Sandra
Schafer, Erika
Schafer, Larry
Schafer, Stacy
Schandl, Annette
Schanot, Allen and Carolyn
Schattinger, Emery and Carol
Schauble, Carolyn
Schecter, Marshall
Scheller, Stanley
Schenkman, Anne
Scherba, Marshal and Carol
Scherer, Jim and Donna
Scherer, Sandra
Schiele, Carl and Carolyn
Schiff, Donald
Schiff, Susan
Schimanskey, Chris
Schirmer, Howard and Leslie
Schlageter, Bob
Schmahl, Edward and Elizabeth
Schmidt, Guenter and Sabine
Schmidt, Nicholas and Gail
Schmidt, Susan
Schmidt, Terry and Pam
Schmit, Bob and Bob
Schnabel, Eugene and Helen
Schneckner, Susan
Schneider, Bonnie
Schneider, Michelle
Schneider, Myra
Schneiderwind, Roxanne and Robert
Schoen, Dorothy
Schoenborn, Thomas
Schoening, Ruth
Schofield, Jill and William
Scholes, Patricia
Schomberg, Aaron and Sharon
Schott, Janice
Schottler, George and Alice
Schrader, Randy and Lisa
Schroeder, Andrea
Schroeder, Kyle and Kathleen
Schulmeister, William and Barbara
Schwall, Thomas
Schwartz, Cherie
Schwartz, Kelle
Schweig, Eugene and Lisa
Schwinghammer, Lisa and Pat
Scofield, Joanne and Clifford
Scott, Jeanie
Scott, Julie
Scott, Oscar and Susan
Scott, Paul
Scott, Robert
Searl, Kent and Janet
Sears, Aaron and Helen
Sedgeley, Debra
Sedlak, Lance
Seeton, Tom and Cheri
Seganti, Anthony
Seifert, Jay and Jonna
Seifried, Gwendolyn
Seiler, Kay
Seiler, Melissa
Seitz, John
Sekerak, Sharon
Selig, Andy and Ellen
Sellers, Graham and Shari
Serotta, Maurice
Settles, Jean
Sevcik, Dale
Severance, Leigh
Severson, Lora and Robert
Sexton, Melody and Dick
Shackelford, Mary
Shader, Lynn
Shafer, Byron
Shaffer, Charlene
Shafron, Cheryl and Richard
Shapiro, Lenore
Sharkoff, James
Sharp-Leyba, Kim
Sharp, Lori
Sharp, Nancy
Sharp, William and Barbara
Shaver, Carla and Robert
Shaver, Kenneth
Shaver, Steven
Shaw, Darryl and Ann
Shaw, May
Shea, Brenda
Shea, Dennis and Ingrid
Shelley, Steve and Nanette
Shellman, Lucious
Shenefelt, Leslie
Sher, David and Litamae
Sherman, Jason and Jennifer
Shibata, Cynthia and Paul
Shira, James and Paula
Shirley, Pat
Shirley, Rita
Shober, Andrews and Stephanie
Shoemaker, Vera
Shofner, Robert and Judith
Shore, Christine
Shoreland, Teressa
Short, Joe
Short, Linda
Shotton, Michael and Lynn
Shroads, Merrillyn
Shupe, Roberta
Sidder, Gary and Francis
Siefer, Stan
Siegel, Mary and Gregory
Siemers, Kaye
Siemro, Donna
Sikes, William
Sikora, James
Sileo, Jim and Barbara
Silver, Becky
Silverberg, Judith
Silverman, Arnold and Bonnie
Silverman, Jeffrey
Silverman, Matthew and Deborah
Simantob, Hamid and Mahroo
Simard, Michelle
Simerson, Sally
Simmons, Janet
Simon, Dee
Simon, Sally
Simonich, Mary
Simonton, Taylor and Jean
Simpson, Peggy
Sims, Gary
Singh, Paul and Anne
Sipos, Suzanne
Sisler, Fran
Siu Fong, Judith Yem
Skiff, Daniel
Skoff, Carol
Slate, Janet
Slater, JoAnn
Slye, Richard
Smart, Bill and Carla Smart
Smigel, John and June
Smiley, John and Kay
Smith, Charles
Smith, Gillian
Smith, Helen
Smith, Janis
Smith, Jill
Smith, Karen
Smith, Laverne
Smith, Marilyn
Smith, Mark
Smith, Paul and Linda
Smith, Rodney and Connie
Smith, Roy
Smith, Steve and Kathy
Smith, Susy and Bruce
Smithers, Steve and Vivienne
Smouse, Kerry
Snader, John and Dona
Sneddon, Barbara and George
Snell, Ronald
Sniffin, Jo and Patrick
Snow, Karolyn
Snyder, Bill and Leandra
Snyder, Carol
Snyder, John and Karen
Snyder, Kirke and Diane
Sobesky, William
Sobke, Gene and Carol
Soltis, Craig and Leslie
Solvason, Dean and Natalie
Somers, Diane
Sommerfeld, Joan
Sommers, Fred and Joan
Sommers, Patricia
Sonnen, Jennifer
Sorensen, John and Sharon
Sorenson, David and Gwen
Sorenson, Theresa
Sorgenfrei, Judith
Sosnicky, Andrew and Joan
Southall, Elaine
Spano, Sherry
Sparkman, Ray and Adele
Spaulding, Lyman and Susan
Speizio, Colin
Spencer, Joann and Clifford
Spencer, John and Adela
Spencer, Robert and Joyce
Spiegel, Beth
Spiegel, Judith
Spiegel, Judith and Lawrence
Spooner, Gilbert
Stage, Kathy
Stahl, Mark and Bobbie Jo
Stahl, Philip
Stahl, Stanley and Yvonne
Stakel, Susan
Stamp, Cathy
Stanton, Dena
Stanyon, Jane
Staples, Suzanne
Stapleton, Steve and Tammy
Starble, Michael and Elisa
Stark, Carl and Kathleen
Stark, David
Stefanatz, Gary and Cynthia
Stegman, James
Stellmon, Lawrence and Charlotte
Stenson, Glen and Margaret
Stephen, Deborah and Monty
Stephenson, Mary Ann
Sterrett, Robert and Renate
Steuck, Greg
Stevens, Patricia
Stevenson, Lacey and Cynthia
Stewart, Marekah
Stewart, Marguerite
Stewart, Paul and Tina
Stewart, Richard
Stiefler, Gary and Leslie
Stirrat, Andrew
Stocker, Thomas and Janice
Stockwell, Mark
Stoddart, Barbara
Stolar, William
Stone, Ernest
Stone, Gerald
Stone, Sandra
Stone, Steven and Suzanne
Stoner, Sandra
Storrs, Robert
Stotler, Jeanne
Stout, Glenn
Stout, Jack
Stowell, Kristina and John
Strahs, Joseph and Viera
Strand, Carolyn
Strassburger, Eric and Chanin
Stratton, Brad and Mary
Streeter, Wilfred
Streltzer, Fred
Stresemann, Allan
Stretz, Steve
Strieby, Michael
Strimenos, Julia
Stringer, James and Leslea
Stroud, Deanna
Struckman, Russell
Stumm, David and Liz
Stys, Janis
Sulley, Stephanie
Sullivan, John
Summers, Clare
Summers, Joseph
Sunkel, Nancy
Surkalo, Harry and Carol Dee
Susman, Margaret
Sussman, Meyer and Judy
Sussman, Paula
Sutherland, Jerome
Sutherland, Mary
Svaldi, Aldo
Svendsen, Larry
Svoboda, Ludvik and Katherine
Swain, Linda
Swanson, Bob
Swanson, Dennis and Luanne
Swanson, Leonard and Marjorie
Swanson, Robert and Barbara
Swatzki, Dolores
Sweet, Dorothy
Sweet, William and Nancy
Swenson Family Trust,
Symons, Cle
Szadokierski, Beatrice and Stephen
Szczech, John and Diana
Tableman, Martha
Tabor, Beverley and Calvin
Tabor, Michael and Candy
Tabrizi, Moe and Nahid
Tafoya, Roderick
Tagliavore, Vincent and Gay
Tait, Robin and Jim
Taitt, Eugene and Mary
Talbot, Susan
Tallian, Richard and Nancy
Tanabe, Charles and Arlene
Tanne, Gail
Tanner, Gareth
Tanner, Jim and Cindy
Taplin, Bea
Tarvestad, Dottie
Tate, Juanita and Thompson
Taylor, Candace
Taylor, Carol
Taylor, Donald and Nancy
Taylor, Monika
Taylor, Paula
Taylor, Peggy and Kevin
Taylor, Penny
Taylor, Raymond and Sarah
Taylor, Sharon
Tedrick, John and Kathy
Tegart, James and Sally
Temanson, Loretta
Terry, Dorothy
Terry, Mike and Mitzi
Terry, Rex and Terri
Thaler, Gerald
Thaler, Terri
Thayer, Richard
The Benevity Community Impact Fund,
The Communications Group, Inc. dba Sign Associates, Inc.,
The Henderson Family Fund,
The VMT Family Foundation,
Theodore, Amy
Thiaville, Madalyn
Thielke, Stan and Janet
Thisted, Paul
Thomas, Barbara and Michael
Thomas, Gerald
Thomas, Gordon
Thomas, Jimmie and Roberta
Thomas, Lee Anne
Thomas, Whitney
Thompson, Al and Maureen
Thompson, Carolyn
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, Kia
Thompson, Larry
Thompson, Margot
Thompson, Mark
Thompson, Robert and Mary
Thornburg, Jill
Thorngren, Barbara
Thovson, Nancy
Throckmorton, Michael
Thrower, Barbara
Thurston, Don and Jane
Tidquist, Micki
Tidwell, Virginia and Paul
Tiegs, Carol Lynn
Timmer, Joseph and Elizabeth
Timmons, Frank and Karen
Tinsley, Adrian
Tinsman, Barbara
Tjarks, Leslie
Tkach, Daniel
Tobey, Barbara
Tobiasson, Margaret
Todd, Patricia
Tomb, Karen and Steve
Tomczak, Gene and Cathy
Tomlin, David and Ranee
Tomlinson, Charles
Tomlinson, John and Elvera
Tomsyck, Keene
Toomey, Kay and Tom
Torley, Red and Maggie
Tourtelot, David and Anne
Towey, Marianne
Townsend, Karen
Townsend, Ronald
Tpowstik, Frederick
Tracy, Anne
Tramutola-Lawson, Dianne
Treece, David
Tremont, Joanna
Tretten, Kurt and Mary
Trieste, Pamela
Truitt, Leigh
Trujillo, Brian
Trujillo, Robert
Tseng, Conrad
Tsuchiya, Pam
Tucker, Lynne and Jim
Tuckwell, James and Cindy
Turk, Judith
Turner, Brynda and Walker
Turner, John
Turner, Lana and Joe
Turshen, Stephen
Twombly, George and Alma
Tyler, Alison
Tyler, Steven and Kelly
Tyrrell, Ed and Janet
Tyson, Sarah
Uhland, Gerry and Eleanore
Ulmer, Tracy
Unruh, Gerald
Urbanowski, Terri
Utigard, Jeff and Lauren
Utter, Gordon
Utz, Margaret
Valdez, Eppie and Eva
Valentine, Wayne and Patricia
Van Andel, Margaret and Joseph
Van Arsdale, Cody
Van De Water, Karen
Van Deventer, Duane and Kathleen
Van Pelt, Mark
Van Why, Sam
Van Zyl, Virginia
Vance, Robert
Vancleave, Patricia
Vander Ark, Gary and Phyllis
Vander Kooi, Ron and Betty
VanderWoude, Katherine and Rick
Vanhaveren, Pearl
Vanwestenberg, Karen
Vanzevern, Merrily
Vareldzis, George
Vaughan, Linda
Veatch, Barbara
Venhoff, John
Verdoorn, Norma
Verdun, David and Wendy
Verner, Joan
Vialpando, Celsa
Vieyra, David
Vigil, Andy and Mary Alice
Vigor, Linda and Bill
Viles, Donna
Vincent, Anne and Jeremy
Violett, Martha
Vitale, Anne
Vitcenda, Lois
Vivona, Alexander and Carolyn
Vmt Family Foundation,
Vogel, Regina
Volin, Harvey and Roberta
Vollan, James and Judy
Vomvas, Michael and Jean
Von Duerring, George
Von Storch, Nadine
Vossler, Barb and Kim
Vuxinic, Rosemary and Matthew
Waddell, Evelyn
Wade, Kathleen
Wade, Tom
Wagner, Nancy and Greg
Wahlberg, Stephen and Judye
Waldheim, Joan
Waligorski, Errol and Karen
Walker, Jane
Wallace, Donna
Wallace, Jeff
Walter, Alice
Walter, Sandy
Walters, Carol
Walton, Alison
Wanamaker, Suzanne
Ward, Barbara
Ward, Kevin and Joan
Ward, Lorraine
Ward, Mary
Ward, Phyllis
Wardell, Donna
Ware, Judith
Ware, Larry and Judith
Warkentin, Bill and Judi
Warnecke, Deloris
Warner, Deidre
Warner, Joan
Warnke, Patricia
Warren, Carley
Warren, Janet
Warrington, Fay
Warwick, Gloria
Wasserman, Marc
Watazychyn, Helen
Watlington, Edward
Watt, Laura
Way, Janet
Wayne, Nancy
Weaver, Beatrice
Weaver, Galen and Carolyn
Weaverling, Colleen and Paul
Webb, Mary
Webber, Keith
Webber, Louise
Weber, Carol
Weber, Michael
Webley, Elizabeth
Webster, Eleanor
Webster, Elizabeth
Weeks, Susan
Wegener, Louise
Wegs, Tom and Jewel
Wei, Susan and William
Weibler, Walt and Dorothy
Weigler, Steve and Wendy
Weigner, Kerry
Weimer, Robert and Ruth
Weinberger, Virginia
Weiner, Diana
Weiner, Judy
Weiner, Robert and Deborah
Weisenberg, Charles
Weishapl, Cid and Judy
Weiske, Sue
Weismeyer, Karen
Weiss, Jonathan
Weiss, Mary
Weiss, Werner and Beverly
Weister, Russell
Weizman, Bonnie
Welch, William
Welding, Ruth and Robert
Weller, Paul and Toni
Wells, Paul and Kay
Wells, Schuyler and Allie
Welsch, Ann
Welsh, Kate
Wendell, Karen
Wendland, Sheila
Wenk, William and Marlene
Wenngren, Earl and Bonnie
Wentz, Deneen and Ray
Werner, Robert and Mary
West, Kenneth
Whalen, Michael
Whalen, Michael and Rose
Whaley, Beth
Wheeler, Anne
Whipple, Carl and Norma
Whitaker, Bruce and Becky
Whitaker, Donna
White, Coralou
White, Darrell and Linda
White, Ronald
Whitehead, Wilborn
Whitehouse, Chet and Jo Ann
Whitman, Walter
Whitmer, Grace
Whitney, Clare and Kenneth
Whitney, Lois-Ann
Wickersheim, Donita
Wiechmann, William
Wieland, Donald
Wielgot, Virginia
Wiersma, Sandra
Wilcox, Phillip
Wiley, Charles and Teresa
Wilkey, Phyllis
Will, Eric
Williams, Bernard and Cora Jean
Williams, Catherine
Williams, Clifford and Mary
Williams, Greg and Maureen
Williams, Kindell
Williams, Michael
Williamson, Jay and Julia
Willis, Donald and Donna
Willis, Theresa
Wills, Bill
Willsey, Patricia
Wilson, Anne
Wilson, Carl
Wilson, Diana
Wilson, Edward and Shirley
Wilson, Hugh
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Wilson, Leigh
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Roberta
Wilson, William and Sharon
Winbauer, Lisa and Paul
Windes, Darrell and Diane
Winningham, Kenneth and Sharon
Winsor, Pamela
Winter, Anita
Winterrowd, Jerry and Ann
Winzenburg, Jim and Charlotte
Wiseman, Doe
Wissemann, Howard and Theresa
Witt, Louise
Wittich, Bruce and Susan
Witzel, David and Janice
Wodark, Harold
Woerfel, Carol
Wojdyla, Karen
Wolf, Marcia
Wolf, Marilyn
Wolf, Sharon
Wolf, Steve and Marcella
Wolfe, Connie and Gary
Wolfe, David
Wolff, James and Marcia
Wolff, Kenneth
Wolff, Ruth
Wolff, Sue
Wolfson, Philip
Wolken, Bob and Candace
Woltkamp, Mark and Diane
Wong, Whitlow
Wood, Robyn
Woodford, Jean
Woodruff, Tommy and Diane
Woods, Curtis
Woods, James and Christine
Woodson, Carole
Woodward, Chuck
Woodward, Denise
Woodworth, Frank
Wooldridge, Kim
World/Global-Gravity Games,
Worrell, Agnes
Worthing, Alex
Wren, Roy and Catherine
Wright, Allen
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Jane
Wright, Kathryn
Wright, Mary
Wrightson, Glenn
Wronski, Peter and Laurie
Wunsch, Rosann
Wyant, Richard and Patricia
Wyble, Lois
Yacovetta, Bernard and Bertha
Yamamoto, Penny
Yeager, Kathleen and Robert
Yesavage, Stephanie and Victor
Yetter, Dave
Yockam, Eleanor
York, George and Debbie
Yoshimura, Mas and Barbara
Young, Alexander and Patricia
Young, Carmella
Young, Greg and Diane
Young, Marilyn
Young, Pamela
YourCause LLC Trustee for PepsiCo Foundation,
Zaccirey, Martee
Zachman, Bob and Kathleen
Zajkowski, John and Dolores
Zakowski, Wayne
Zaragoza, Ambrose and Ambrose
Zeck, Belva and John
Zeile, Arija
Zeiner, Tom and Kim
Zelenski, Jerry
Zeppelin, Kal
Zielinski, Robert and Kathryn
Zillinger, Steven
Zimmerman, Anthony
Zimmerman, Barbara and Steve
Zimmerman, Ronald and Trudy
Zink, Michael
Zocher, Darlene
Zoller, James and Kim
Zook, Curtis
Kim SharpDonor List