Donor List

Thank you so much to the following donors for making a generous gift to The Denver Post Season To Share. These donations will give our neighbors in need access to life-changing programs that will help move them out of poverty toward stabilization and self-sufficiency.

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There are currently 274 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Salazar, Carl
Salazar, Patricia
Salisbury, Byron
Salisbury, Dwight
Salter, Carolyn
Salwerowicz, Frank and Cindy
Sanchez, Heather and Robert
Sanders, Stan and Sue
Sanford, Peter and Jane
Sannar, Elise
Santangelo, Paul
Sarche, Michael and Carol
Sargent, Joseph and Tracy
Sartorius, Patrick and Rosamond
Sass, John and Carol
Saucke, Kris and Scott
Sauer, Jason and Lisa
Saunders, Sheila
Sautel, John and Pam
Savage, Greg and Irene
Scannell, Fran
Scantland, Wayne
Schaap, Larry
Schachterle, David and Carolyn
Schaefer, Larry and Marcia
Schaeffer, Sandra
Schafer, Stacy
Schakel, Linae
Schandl, Annette
Schattinger, Emery and Carol
Schecter, Marshall
Schell, Nancy
Schell, William
Scheller, Stanley
Schenkman, Anne
Scherba, Marshal and Carol
Schetter, William and Carole
Schettler, Kathleen and Leo
Schiele, Carl and Carolyn
Schiff, Donald
Schiff, Susan
Schlageter, Bob
Schmahl, Edward and Elizabeth
Schmidt, Larry and Anne-Marie
Schmidt, Nicholas and Gail
Schmidt, Regina
Schmidt, Susan
Schmidt, Terry and Pam
Schmit, Brenda and Bob
Schmitz, Stephen
Schneckner, Susan
Schoenberg, Mike
Schoenborn, Thomas
Schoenheit, Joan
Schoening, Ruth
Schofield, Jill and William
Schomberg, Aaron and Sharon
Schottler, George and Alice
Schrader, Randy and Lisa
Schranck, Barney and Barb
Schroeder, Andrea
Schroeder, Kyle and Kathleen
Schroeder, Marybeth
Schuelke, Barbara
Schulmeister, William and Barbara
Schultz, Charles
Schutte, Susan
Schwab, J.R. and Diane
Schwankl, Gary
Schweig, Eugene and Lisa
Schwinghammer, Lisa and Pat
Scott, Julie
Scott, Oscar and Susan
Scott, Paul
Scott, Robert
Sealman, Mary
Seastedt, Timothy and Cathy
Secor, Mary and Jim
Sedgeley, Debra
Seeton, Tom and Cheri
Seifried, Wayne and Gwendolyn
Seiler, Joseph and Victoria
Seiler, Kay
Selig, Pauline and Paul
Serotta, Betty Ann
Severson, Lora and Robert
Shafron, Cheryl and Richard
Shanahan, Patrick and Carol
Shapiro, Lenore
Sharoff, Barry
Sharp-Leyba, Kim
Sharp, Barbara
Sharp, Lori
Sharp, Marjorie
Shaver, Carla and Robert
Shaver, Steven and Lynne
Shaw, Darryl and Ann
Shaw, May
Shea, Brenda
Shelley, Steve and Nanette
Shellman, Lucious
Shelton, Marcus
Shenefelt, Leslie and Bonnie
Sher, Alan and Diana
Sherman, Jason and Jennifer
Sherman, Mark
Shibata, Cynthia and Paul
Shofner, Robert and Judith
Shoreland, Teressa
Short, Diane
Short, Joe
Short, Linda
Shroads, Merrillyn
Shupe, Roberta
Sidder, Gary and Francis
Siefer, Stan
Siegel, Mary and Gregory
Siemers, Kaye
Sikes, William
Sikora, James
Sileo, Jim and Barbara
Silver, Becky
Silverberg, Judith
Silverman, Arnold and Bonnie
Silverman, Deborah and Michael
Simantob, Hamid and Mahroo
Simard, Michelle
Simerson, Sally
Simmons, Janet
Simon, Dee
Simonton, Taylor and Jean
Sims, Gary
Sindelar, Joe and Gail
Singleton, Dean
Sipos, Suzanne
Sisler, Fran
Sitzmann, Ryan
Skougstad, Becky
Slater, JoAnn
Slevin, Colleen
Smart, Bill and Carla Smart
Smigel, John and June
Smigel, June
Smiley, John and Kay
Smiley, Teresa
Smith, Bruce and Diane
Smith, Karen
Smith, Laura and James
Smith, Mark
Smith, Sandra
Smith, Steve and Kathy
Smyth, Bill
Snader, John and Dona
Snavely, Cynthia
Sneddon, Barbara and George
Snell, Ronald
Sniffin, Jo and Patrick
Snow, Jeff
Snow, Karolyn
Snyder, Bill and Leandra
Snyder, John and Karen
Snyder, Kirke and Diane
Sobesky, William
Sobke, Gene and Carol
Soehngen, Barbara
Sofia, Ms. Dianne Sofia
Soltis, Craig and Leslie
Somers, Diane
Sommerfeld, Joan
Sommers, Fred and Joan
Sorensen, John and Sharon
Sorenson, David and Gwen
Sosnicky, Andrew and Joan
Sotwick, Candace and Steven
Spanski, Elaine
Sparkman, Ray and Adele
Spaulding, Karen
Spaulding, Lyman and Susan
Spence, Jerry and Karen
Spence, Wayne and Jane
Spencer, Joann and Clifford
Spencer, John and Adela
Spencer, Robert and Joyce
Sperr, Jay and Elizabeth
Spiegel, Beth
Spivey, Dennis and Julie
Sprengle, John
Springer, Deborah
Stafford, Shirley
Stage, Kathy
Stahl, Mark
Stahl, Philip
Stahl, Stanley and Yvonne
Stakel, Susan
Stamp, Cathy and James
Stanton, Carol
Stanton, Jerry and Darlene
Starble, Michael and Elisa
Stark, Arla
Stark, Carl and Kathleen
Stark, David
Stazel, Judith
Steel, Marjorie
Steen, Diane
Stegman, James
Stein, Kathy
Steinbach, Christine and David
Steinberg, Tracy
Steiner, Gary and Luanne
Steinke, Dave and Sue
Stellmon, Lawrence and Charlotte
Stephenson, Mary Ann
Stern, David and Judith
Sterrett, Robert and Renate
Steuck, Greg
Stevens, Patricia
Stevenson, Kay
Stevenson, Lacey and Cynthia
Stewart, Marguerite
Stewart, Paul and Tina
Stewart, Robert and Christine
Stiefler, Gary and Leslie
Stiefler, Lauren
Stillwell, Paul
Stirrat, Andrew and Susan
Stoffel, Rita
Stolar, William and Sandra
Stolfa, David and Ann
Stone, Sandra
Stone, Steven and Suzanne
Storrs, Robert
Stotler, Richard
Stout, Glenn
Stout, Jack
Stowell, Kristina and John
Strand, Carolyn
Strasheim, Wesley
Strassburger, Eric and Chanin
Stratton, Brad and Mary
Streeter, Wilfred
Streltzer, Fred and Justine
Strieby, Michael
Strong, Sandra
Stroud, Deanna
Struck, Cindy
Struthers, Jim
Studer-Cwik, Mary Jo
Stumm, David
Stumm, David and Liz
Sulley, Ann
Sullivan, Barbara
Sullivan, John and Kay
Summerlin, Marsha
Summers, Thomas
Sundine, Jim and Bev
Sunkel, Nancy
Surkalo, Harry and Carol Dee
Suson, Barbara
Sussman, Meyer and Judy
Sutherland, Jerome
Sutherland, Mary
Svaldi, Aldo
Svenby, Jeff
Swanson, Dorothy and Robert
Swanson, Laura
Swanson, Leonard and Marjorie
Swanson, Robert and Barbara
Sweet, Dorothy
Sweet, William
Swiekatun, Rita and Glenn
Swisher, Frances
Szadokierski, Beatrice and Stephen

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